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Top 10 Arts Colleges in Tamil Nadu

Apart from science and technology, which are booming these days, arts have had their part for many years. The Arts field includes music, dance, philosophy, and visual arts.

Surprisingly, back then, arts had more career scope than science, unlike these days. There are many art colleges all over India, including Tamilnadu. Here are the top 10 arts colleges in Tamilnadu

Top 10 Arts Colleges in Tamilnadu

1. Madras Christian College, Chennai:

Madras Christian College was started by John Anderson in 1837. It first started as an Assembly school, then upgraded to college. It gained its autonomous credit in 1978. Initially, they were only two degrees, F.A. and B. A Courses and then they included different diplomas, degrees, and certificates.

Top 10 Arts Colleges in Tamilnadu

It is constructed on 320 acres of land. This college offers courses on Saturdays to help students with day & evening shifts and also for working professionals. They offer internships and language certifications too. The placement opportunities are very good, and they have tied up "s with reputed companies like Microsoft. The college management conducts online Microsoft exams, and the qualified students will have an opportunity to become Microsoft employees and gradually become Microsoft specialists. The annual fee per year is 56 thousand to 60 thousand. The college creates a diverse exposure to the outer world from an educational perspective. 

2. Loyola College, Chennai:

It is one of the good Christian missionary colleges, established in 1925 and ranked seven all over India. Someone who wants to pursue something in Arts can blindly opt for this college. It is associated with Madras University, which is in Chennai. It is also accredited with A+ by NAAC Chennai. Adding to this, it is an autonomous college too. Loyola College has 21 P.G. programs, 24 U.G. programs, 12 Ph.D. programs, 11 M.PHIL programs, 347 academic staff, and 197 faculty with P.H.D.

Top 10 Arts Colleges in Tamilnadu

Every year student count goes to 10 thousand, and presently there are 185 members of administrative staff. It also has a huge library with more than 140 journals and 1 lakh books. The important aspect is placements. They also excelled here as they have placement opportunities from companies such as Adobe, A.N.Z., Atos, Conde Nast, NatWest group, Pfizer, Ramco, and Schneider electric. It is constructed on 100 acres of green campus land. The top recruiters accounted for are Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and Goldman Sachs. This college's annual fee per year is fourteen thousand to sixteen thousand. 

3. Stella Maris College for Women, Chennai:

Stella Maris is a catholic college for women. Going back to the initial days of Stella Maris college, it started with just around 30 students, an| now it has got above five thousand students. It is ranked the eleventh college all over India. They offer master's degrees in fine arts, economics, and English, unlike other colleges. Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr. M. K. Stalin, attended Stella Mari's 75th-year celebrations.

Top 10 Arts Colleges in Tamilnadu

The eligibility criteria are that one has to pass 12th with above 60%, and the candidates have to score merit in the qualifying exam conducted by Stella Maris college management. It is known that Stella Maris college has got great potential; there are many celebrities, who are Stella Maris alumni. Candidates who are qualified have to go through an interview process, and then they are selected based on interview performance. You can now know what kind of placements they will bring out to students. Some elite companies are McKinsey, KPMG, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, World Bank, Goldman Sachs, Wipro, Zoho, etc.

Further, Stella Maris offers scholarship programs on a merit/need basis for S.C., S.T., and O.B.C. students. It has collaborated with Universities like the Liverpool Hope University of U.K., Central Leather Research Institute of Chennai, and Pivot Animation. The College management's extracurricular activities have N.S.S., N.C.C., and social awareness programs. The annual fee per year at Stella Maris College is seven thousand to eight thousand, and it varies with the course that an individual take.

4. Women's Christian College, Chennai: 

Women's Christian College has ranked 16th all over India. Like Stella Maris, Women's Christian College also started the college with 40 students and later gained its reputation. It was first graded with a 'D' by NAAC. Then after 90 years, the college got upgraded to 'A+' in the year 2019. The facilities that the college offer are magnificent. They have an auditorium that can fit almost 1000 people, world-class facility education, and faculty who are dedicated to their work.

Top 10 Arts Colleges in Tamilnadu

The college is affiliated with the University of Madras. In total, there are 22 departments, of which 11 departments are government associated, and the rest are self-financed. It ranked 17th in arts and 12th in science, and 48th overall in India. The college has diverse programs like post-graduate, undergraduate, and research departments. B.A, B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Phil, and Ph.D. are government-aided courses, and the rest are Self-financed courses. The annual fee per year for the college is sixty-two thousand to sixty-five thousand.

5. Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai: 

Comparatively to other colleges, Ethiraj College is a smaller campus with 9 acres of campus. Even though it is a smaller campus, it has unique aspects competing with other colleges. It is also called 'Evening College'. The college came up with this concept in 1981, which eventually gained a name and then succeeded. It offers 26 U.G. programs, 9 Ph.D. programs, 22 P.G. Programmes, and 13 M.Phil. Programs. To the present day, it has around 7500 students and 330 faculty.

Top 10 Arts Colleges in Tamilnadu

The interesting fact about Ethiraj College is that it has entered the Guinness book of world records under the category of 'Longest Drama Spanning', which is 28 hours 32 minutes and 43 seconds. It is a merit-based college, so if a student wants to get admission to the college, he/she must meet the cut-off of the qualifying examination conducted by the college. And for M.B.A. and M.C.A., the scores of TANCET are taken. The college offers placement opportunities from top companies like EY, Deloitte, Wipro, H.C.L., Citi Bank, Infosys, Ford, etc. The annual fee per year in Ethiraj is fifteen thousand to twenty thousand. 

6. Dr.N.G.P Arts and Science College, Coimbatore: 

Before speaking about Dr.N.G.P Arts and Science College, we need to talk about KMCRET- Kovai Medical Center Research and Educational Trust. KMCRET is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1990. Dr.N.G.P College is KMCRET's organization. It is ranked 58th all over India. Dr.N.G.P typically concentrates on science and research. They offer a wide range of courses, including workshops and seminars. Dr.N.G.P College is known for I.A.S. aspirants coaching. Every year this college gives 20 to 25 I.A.S. qualified students.

Top 10 Arts Colleges in Tamilnadu

Further, Dr.N.G.P is also associated with the Red ribbon and Red Cross organizations. It became autonomous in 2016 by University Grants Commission. And that is affiliated with the Bharathiar University of Coimbatore. NAAC then accredited it with an 'A++' grade. The annual fee per year is thirty-two to thirty-five thousand per year. Dr.N.G.P College is very helpful for the students who come from rural areas as it is situated in Coimbatore.

7. Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore: 

Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and science is one of the few reputed colleges in Coimbatore. It is known as a college by SNR sons as the son's Trust owns it. Sri. S. N. Rangasamy Naidu is the father of the sons. Sri. S. N. Rangasamy is a devotee of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. It gained autonomy status in the year 2004. It is situated on 16 acres of land. It has got a lot many awards in which. One of the awards is 'Best Private Institute for Arts and Science in India' by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India.

Top 10 Arts Colleges in Tamilnadu

In 2017, Sri Ramakrishna College of arts and science ranked 48th, and in the year of 2016, it was ranked 50. The week Hansa Research Survey has honored the ranking. Speaking about awards, the college has received an award from the Red cross-organization. It is also ISO certified. This college has come under the category of 'STAR college scheme' by the government of India from the year 2019. It has 25 U.G. Programmes, ten research programs, and ten post-graduate programs. The college offers twinning programs interestingly. It collaborated with Asia Pacific University, Cyber Java University, Sunway University, and Amity Global University.

They introduced the concept of a twinning program, keeping in mind that a student can gain good exposure internationally and can figure out their future in a better way. Also, they are given an option to students that they can either complete one semester abroad or opt for only a certain course they would like to choose. This flexibility provision shows that the college management cares about a student's interest in education. The annual fee per year is thirty-seven to forty thousand.

8. Kongu Arts and Science College, Erode: 

Kongu Arts and Science College provides various courses. It is associated with the Kongu Vellalar Institute of Technology of Perundurai, and Kongu Arts and Science College is run by the Kongu Vellalar Institute of Technology itself. It is a college founded by 11 philanthropists in the year of 1983. It started in 1994, and its only goal is to offer quality education to the rural youth, which helps them grow themselves in life. It offers great scholarship opportunities and hostel facilities. Kongu Arts and Science College is also affiliated with the reputed Bharathiar University.

Top 10 Arts Colleges in Tamilnadu

Kongu College has been featured in many popular magazines like Indian Express and The Hindu. The college has thirty-seven pattern members. The college has a few semi branches like Kongu polytechnic college, Kongu Engineering College, Kongu National Matric Higher Secondary School, and Kongu School. It is offering 12 Undergraduate programs, six post-graduate programs, and two research programs. The college has produced 50 thousand alumni students and the faculty with ph. D's are 97%. The college also provides excellent placement opportunities, and the alumni are currently working in the companies like Axis Bank, Coromandel International Ltd, Equitas Small Finance Bank, and other corporate companies. Today, the placement rate by Kongu College is recorded as 3.8 out of 5, which is a good number. The annual year fee here is sixty thousand.

9. Dr.S.N.S Rajalakshmi College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore: 

Dr.S.N.S Rajalakshmi College of arts and science is run by S.N.S. Charitable Trust, which was founded in 1999. The college was founded to offer society education, industry, and health. As philanthropists found the colleges, they have got extremely good knowledge in medicine, industry, and education, and they wanted to serve their experience in this form.

Top 10 Arts Colleges in Tamilnadu

Dr.S.N.S Rajakshmi college has its educational institutions from pre-school level to post-graduate level, including Science, Management, Arts, Pharmacy, Nursing, Health Sciences, and research. The college is recognized internationally worldwide. It has 14 fourteen undergraduate, six post-graduate, and seven research programs overall. In recent times, S.N.S. college of Engineering has gained its reputation by getting approved by AICTE.

Further, the college is affiliated with Anna University. The admission process is just as same as another college by their 12th scores, but the admissions are made according to the Tamil Nadu state Norms by stipulated management seat process. The annual fee per year is ninety-five thousand.

10. Thiagarajar College of Arts and Science, Madurai: 

Thiagarajan College of Arts and Science was founded by Kalaithanthai Karumuttu Thiagarajan Chettiar. The main motive of this college is to provide quality education with affordable fee structures. This mission provided a gender equality education with highly knowledgeable faculty.

Top 10 Arts Colleges in Tamilnadu

In Thiagarajar, it is also important to maintain character development values, not just in academics. It is a merit-based college, and the best part of this college is they keep upgrading the curriculum every year or so. The competencies in this college range from local to global levels. As I said, the college strongly counts on gender equality, the strength of girls is two thousand six hundred, and the strength of boys is two thousand two hundred. It offers extracurricular activities in the form of Character building with the help of Saiva Siddhantham. The annual fee per year is between twenty to forty thousand depending upon the course.