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Top 10 IPL players


You all must have heard about IPL, and in India especially, it is celebrated as a festival; this festival is usually held in India in May or June. In many places, Indian players playing in IPL are also worshipped, the biggest example of which is Mahendra Singh Dhoni in Chennai.

India is the only country in the world where cricket is not seen, but it is worshipped. And the people here consider the player of cricket not as a player but as a god, and the craze for cricket is highest in the world in India.

Every year the players who play in IPL are bid for, and every year a new star emerges; later, in international matches, they get a chance to play, so let's come and talk about the IPL's best players.

1. Virat Kohli

Top 10 Ipl Batsman in the World

Delhi-based Virat Kohli is not a name, but it is a brand, and he is considered to be the greatest batsman not only in IPL but in the whole World. Great cricketer Sachin Tendulkar also believes that only Virat Kohli is the only player who can break his record. Virat Kohli is known for his anger, and he has also been the brand ambassador of many big companies.

Virat Kohli was also the captain of the Indian Cricket Team, and at the same time, he also served as the captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore, a team of IPL.

  • Date of birth – 05 November
  • Nickname – Chiku
  • Age - 33
  • Height – 5.9ft
  • Spouse - Anushka Sharma
  • Children - Vamika Kohli
  • Family – Punjabi family
  • Parents - Saroj Kohli (Mother), Prem Kohli (Father)
  • Education - Vishal Bharti Public School Saviour Convent
  • Movies - M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story
  • Birth Place – Delhi
  • Current teams: Royal Challengers Bangalore (Batsman), India national cricket team (Batsman)
  • Batting - Right-handed
  • Bowling - Right-arm medium
  • Role - Top-order batsman

Virat Kohli has won very big awards; this list is so long that many Bollywood superstars will not have so many awards.


  1. 2012 - People's Choice Awards India for Favourite Sportsperson
  2. 2012 - ICC Men's ODI Cricketer of the Year
  3. 2013 - Arjuna Award for Cricket
  4. 2017 - Padma Shree
  5. 2017 - Wisden Leading Cricketer in the World
  6. 2017 - CNN-IBN Indian of the Year Popular Choice Award
  7. 2017 - CNN-IBN Indian of the Year
  8. 2018 - Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy
  9. 2018 - Wisden Leading Cricketer in the World
  10. 2018 - Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award for Cricket
  11. 2019 - Wisden Cricketers of the Year

Every person in India knows that Virat Kohli is considered to be the best Player not only in IPL and Indian cricket but also in the Test match.

When Virat Kohli started his Test career, he faced West Indies players on 20 June 2011 vs West Indies and the last match Virat played as a test cricket vs Srilanka on 12 March 2022.

Virat Kohli has scored 8,043 runs in his entire Test history by playing 101 matches. Virat Kohli started his ODI match Debut in 2008 against Sri Lanka, and the last ODI match he played was on 11 February 2022 vs West Indies. Virat Kohli's favourite ODI shirt number is 18.

So let's talk about IPL, what has Virat Kohli earned in IPL to date and in how many people’ heart has he made a place? Virat Kohli is one of the batsmen of the order who had bid 15 to 16 crores during the starting days of IPL. Due to some reason, Virat Kohli's team Royal Challengers Bangalore has not been able to win the final trophy to date, but even today, his fan base is loyal to him and his team and always will be and Royal Challengers Bangalore got the most love on social media. Virat Kohli played a total of 223 matches in the career of IPL and played 215 innings with 6624 runs. Virat Kohli has scored 5 centuries in the history of IPL, and he has scored 44 times half-century, and his highest score is 113 runs.

2. Shikhar Dhawan

Top 10 Ipl Batsman in the World

If we talk about the top ten best players worldwide, how can we forget Shikhar Dhawan, International Player and top performer? He has also been awarded the best playing rate across all formats and is the most active person on social media. It is believed that the left-hand batters are blessed, one of which is our Shikhar Dhawan.

Shikhar Dhawan remains in the discussion due to one of his best skills, and his nickname suits him very well. People also believe that Gabbar, his nickname, was given to him from the movie Sholay.

Which is Gabbar. He is the only player who scored 505 runs against Bangladesh in only Under the Ninth match in 2004; Shikhar Dhawan is the fastest player to reach 2000 and the 3000 runs in One Day International (ODIs). Dhawan scored 187 runs against Australia in 2013, a debut record in the history of Indian cricket.

  • Date of birth – 5 December 1985
  • Nickname - Gabbar
  • Age – 36
  • Height – 1.8m
  • Spouse – Ayesha Mukherjee (m. 2012–2021
  • Children – Zoravar Dhawan
  • Family – Punjabi Family
  • Parents – father – Mahendra pal Dhawan, Mother – Sunaina Dhawan
  • Education – St. Mark's Senior Secondary Public School Meera Bagh Paschim Vihar
  • Favourite Actor – Amir Khan sir
  • Birth Place - Delhi
  • Current teams: Kings X11 Punjab
  • Batting – left-handed
  • Bowling – Right-arm medium
  • Role – Top-order batsman
  • Favourite Cricketer - Sachin Tendulkar, Andy Flower

Shikhar always says that he is always serious and worries about how he plays a lot of concentration he put into the game between 2013-2018. So let's talk about Shikhar Dhawan all matches format. Shikhar played 34 Test March, in which he made 2315 runs with an average rate of 40.6, which is good in the test cricket field, and he always serves the best strike rate in all formats, so he gives 66.9 in the test strike rate. Dhawan also knows the best performer in the Test and ODI cricket; he played 149 ODI against the World's best teams and gave 6284 runs in 149 innings with an average rate of 45.5 and 93.4 was the strike rate given Dhawan in ODI. 

Dhawan was a comes in the very first player who played India after under 19, so he always believed and strived for the hard work or dedication in T20 Dhawan scored 1759 in 2011 only in 68 matches which is quite impossible for any player to perform in a year, The strike rate given by Dhawan in T20 is 126.4 which is better than the average performance.

So if we talked about the Dhawan performance in the IPL, which was fabulous from start to end, Shikhar Dhawan is also known as the Best Player in IPL after the World's favourite Virat Kohli. Suppose Virat scores IPL 6624 runs in 223 innings, on the other hand. In that case, our Shikhar Dhawan is not going to sit, so he gives 6244 runs in 206 innings near the Virat Kohli, so with the help of the parameters and the diagnosis of the matches, we say he is the IPL'S second-best player without any doubt.

Ipl matches history played by Shikhar Shawan

  • Matches - 206
  • Runs - 6244
  • Average - 35.1
  • Strike rate - 126.3

Shikhar Dhawan Ipl Auction Price History: Year-Price -Team

  1. 2018 5.20 Cr Hyderabad
  2. 2019 5.20 Cr Delhi
  3. 2020 5.20 Cr Delhi
  4. 2021 5.20 Cr Delhi
  5. 2022 8.25 Cr Punjab

3. David Warner

Top 10 Ipl Batsman in the World

In the history of cricket and due to many big matches, you all must have heard the name of Indians everywhere because cricket is so popular. But many times, such players from abroad also make a place in the hearts of Indian IPL fans; one of them is our David Warner. David Warner may be a foreign cricketer, but David Warner's fans are many in the World as well as in India. And that's probably also because IPL is the only festival that creates power and strength in every shape.

David Warner is an Australian cricketer and has also been a former captain; he has been associated with Delhi Daredevils from the beginning. If we are talking about Australia, I will tell you that former Australian player Brendon McCullum is the only player who scored a century in IPL from the Australian cricket board. In the entire IPL, David Warner is the only player who has made the record of making the most half-centuries, which he has made 53 times in the IPL carrier; David Warner is also known for One Most Stunning Shorts played during all IPL seasons.

After the Virat Kohli and the Shikhar Dhawan, David Warner is making his place in the third position because he played 162 matches and his total runs were 5881, which is nearly 6k. We believe he will complete it by 2023 IPL, but the most interesting thing about David Warner in the IPL is that he played at the same consistency with an average rate of 140 and the highest score David Warner was 126 runs.

  • Date of birth – 27 October 1986
  • Nickname – Lloyd, the Reverend, Bull
  • Age - 35
  • Height – 5.7ft
  • Spouse – Candice Warner
  • Children – Warner has 3 children
  • Family – Australian
  • Parents – Howard warner and Lawren warner
  • Religion – Christianity
  • Education – Matraville Public school
  • Weight – 65kg
  • Movies Actor – Superstar Mahesh Babu (Indian)
  • Birth Place – New south wales, Australia
  • Batting - Right-handed
  • Bowling - Right-arm medium
  • Role - Top-order batsman
  • Body measurements – chest 38, biceps 12, waist 30.
  • Eye colour – Blue
  • Hair colour – Blond
  • Jersey Number – 31 in all formats
  • Favourite shot – Pull shot
  • Zodiac – Scorpio
  • Siblings – Steven Warner
  • Favourite Cricketer – Virat Kohli and KL Rahul
  • Favourite Food – Chicken thigh sandwich
  • Favourite colour – Blue
  • Personal car – Lamborghini

Because of all these things, David Warner is maintaining his place as the third-best IPL player in the World.

4. Rohit Sharma

Top 10 Ipl Batsman in the World

If we are talking about the best 10 people in the world, how can we forget the great batsman Rohit Sharma? Rohit Sharma has taken over the Captain's innings after Virat Kohli and continues to handle it even further.

In his early days, he joined the Indian team as a bowler. To date, he has been considered such an unbeatable player; Rohit Sharma still says thanks to Mahi bhai because he has been able to come on the right track of his career. Still, after a few days, in the middle of a match, Mahendra Singh Dhoni asked them and said that Rohit would go to the opening and Rohit has said yes.

Rohit Sharma is also known because he is the only Indian player with more than double century ODI format. Rohit Sharma started his test debut as an Indian in 2013 vs West Indies. In this match, he played very well as capital from that time until now; everyone believes he will be able to smash in all formats.

  • Date of birth – 39 April 1987
  • Nickname – Hitman and Shaana
  • Age – 36
  • Height – 1.7m
  • Spouse – Ritika Sajdeh
  • Children – Samaira Sharma
  • Family – Brahman
  • Mother tongue – Telugu
  • Parents – Gurunath Sharma and Purnima Sharma
  • Education – Rizvi College of Arts, science and commerce
  • Movies – Kotambir Vadi and Marine drive
  • Current teams: Mumbai Indian
  • Batting – Right-hand batsman
  • Role – Cricketer and current Captain of India
  • Awards- Arjun Award for Cricket, Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award for the cricket

From his early days till now, Rohit Sharma did not leave the side of Mumbai Indians, and every time, the Captain showed and made the team win the most. Rohit Sharma's Mumbai Indians are the one and the only team who has won the five times IPL trophy. In the early days of his IPL career, Rohit Sharma used to play for Delhi, but after 3 years, Mumbai Indian bought him in the auction and made his name.

Rohit Sharma played 227 matches with the hit of 5879 runs which is nearly 6,000 runs in the IPL; only a few players got there, and the total net worth of Rohit Sharma is more than 180 crores in rupees or 180 Usd Millions. Rohit Sharma is also on the list of top half-century performers; he has already covered over 40 half-centuries in his IPL career.

Under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma, Mumbai Indians played 143 matches in which they won 81 more than the half.

5. Suresh Raina

Top 10 Ipl Batsman in the World

Suresh Raina started his life in cricket by playing domestic matches in Uttar Pradesh. We all have seen the biggest players, but this is a player whom we also know by Hanuman. Hanuman is the name of a Lord God, and Suresh Raina not only looks like Hanuman but also gives a powerful performance like him.

Suresh Raina and Mahendra Singh Dhoni's friendship is awesome. As soon as Mahendra Singh Dhoni retired from Cricket, Suresh Raina also lost a sentence and announced that he was retiring from cricket with Mahi Bhai. Suresh Raina started playing in Chennai in his early days. Chennai is the best team to come after Mumbai in IPL, and Suresh Raina has shown some such feats, which were almost impossible in the history of cricket.

Some people believe that left-handed batman vultures are gifted, and Suresh Raina is one of them, But, with time, everything changes; maybe that's why Suresh Raina remains unsold in IPL 2022. No matter how big a player, everyone's good batting and performance format ends similarly; probably, the year 2022 is being unsold.

We believe that Suresh Raina is a very good player in the format of tests; that's why he scored 768 runs in only 18 test matches which is quite generous to the people because he played well. Good on that Test matches and also he scored 120 runs in one of the test matches, or Suresh is not being good in the test but also in the ODI format he plays well, he played only 226 ODI matches and scored 5615 runs with the top score of 116 runs, so Suresh Raina is the player who always performs well in every format, this is the reason behind IPL ranking he is in the list of 10 top World best IPL cricketer. In his full carrier, he picks 285 catches with few misses, so that's right to give the title to him and the name Hanuman. Suresh Raina likes to cook in his free time and is always active on social media.

  • Nickname – Sanu, Sonu, Hanuman
  • Full name – Suresh Kumar Raina
  • Date of birth – 26 November 1986
  • Age – 35
  • Height – 5.9ft
  • Weight – 73kg
  • Eye colour – Brown
  • Hair - Black
  • Spouse – Priyanka Chaudhary
  • Children – Gracia Raina
  • Family – Hinduism
  • Brother – Naresh Raina and Mukesh Raina
  • Home Town – Raj Nagar Ghaziabad
  • Mother tongue - UP
  • Parents – Tirlok Chand Raina and Parvesh Raina
  • Education – Government sports college, Lucknow
  • Current teams – Chennai super kings
  • Batting – left-hand batsman
  • Role – middle order or opener
  • Hobbies – Travelling, sports, Paragliding
  • International debut – 2005
  • Jersey number – 03
  • Nature in the field – Clam and Consistent
  • Love to play against – Pakistan
  • Zodiac Sign – Sagittarius
  • Favourite Cricketer – Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid
  • Favourite actor – Amitabh Bachchan
  • Favourite films – kai po che and Sholay
  • Favourite colour – Light blue
  • Favourite destination – Italy
  • Own cars by Suresh Raina – Porsche Boxster and mini cooper
  • Net worth – 25 million

Suresh Raina had set such high standards for himself that when he scored 376 Runs in 2015, it was the 1st time he didn't cross the 400 Run Barrier in 8 IPL seasons.

6. Ab De Villiers

Top 10 Ipl Batsman in the World

Many big players came in the history of IPL, but one player came who could change the match anyhow. He is known as Mr 360, and this player was given the name Mr 360 because he had the power to kill any ball to the boundary. Now AB de Villiers is a batsman from South Africa who has done many great things in the past and won the ICCI trophy by showing his performance.

A.B. de Villiers has given very good performance not only in cricket but in many other sports. It is believed that these A.B. de Villiers take up to 11 - 15 crores yearly in IPL.

Every cricketer has their time, but it is believed that when the de Villiers bat speaks, the ball just goes outside the boundary; but De Villiers is not able to play in front of Ravichandran Ashwin and Dwayne bravo in some seasons; these are the only 2 bowlers who strike out De Villiers much time.

Many outside players are considered in India, but the matter of de Villiers is different; his fan following is the highest in India who play IPL. He made his debut in 2004 in the test match, then played powerfully ODI in 2005, or he played for royal challengers Bangalore between 2011-2019; he is the right-arm batsman known as Mr 360.

Ab Di Villiers Started his carrier as a wicket-keeper, but after playing in many orders, he is the fittest in the middle order, and then he started to play like hell; he is the most innovative and destructive batsman in the modern time; De Villiers captained South Africa in all three formats so every time the team make a belief on him, he never denied making the team proud.

  • Nickname – Superman of the cricket and Mr 360
  • Full Name - Abraham Benjamin de Villiers
  • Age – 38
  • Height – 5.11
  • Weight - 75
  • Spouse – Danielle De Villiers
  • Birth place – Bela, Bela, South Africa
  • Children – John Richard de Villiers, yenta de Villiers, Abraham de Villiers
  • Family – Christian
  • Eye colour – Blue
  • Hair colour – Golden Brown
  • Education – N.A. high school graduate
  • Jersey number – 17 in all format
  • Zodiac – Aquarius
  • Batting – Right-hand batsman
  • Profession – batsman and weeket keeper
  • Awards- ICC ODI Player of the year 2010, ICC player of the year in Africa cricket 2014
  • Record – He is the second youngest and the fastest to reach 1000runs in international debut cricket

7. Ms Dhoni

Top 10 Ipl Batsman in the World

You have heard the names of many big players in the history of cricket, but there is only one Captain in the World who has won every cricket trophy in this World. And these players always play matches with Chennai Super Kings.

And he has also helped to win Chennai Super King three times IPL trophy. If Sachin Tendulkar is considered the God of Cricket, Mahi Bhai is also worshipped in cricket. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a name that can win the match from behind the cricket stump; Mahi Bhai has won every trophy in his history. All cricket fans know Mahendra Singh Dhoni by Mahi Bhai, who hails from Ranchi. The biggest thing is that a biography movie has also been made in the name of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, in which Sushant Singh Rajput played the character of Mahi.

And this biography movie was on top of the biographic movie at that time, and this movie also became a super-duper hit. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a very calm person and has also got the title of Captain Cool. If we talk about the best Captain in the World, then our Mahi Bhai has been at the top since the beginning. 

Mahi bhai has a huge fan following on Instagram, but it is believed that he does not like social media much. Current captain Virat Kohli had told in an interview that Mahi bhai does not even like to take calls; he is very simple.

  • Nickname – Captain cool and Mahi
  • Full Name – Mahendra Singh Dhoni
  • Age – 40
  • DOB – 7 July 1981
  • Height – 1.80m
  • Weight – 70kg
  • Spouse – Sakshi Dhoni
  • Birth place – Ranchi Bihar Jharkhand
  • Children – Ziva
  • Family – Pan Singh Dhoni and Devika dhoni
  • Eye colour – Dark brown
  • Hair colour – Black
  • Education – Gossner collage Ranchi
  • Jersey number – 07 in all formats
  • Zodiac – Cancer
  • Batting – Right-hand medium-order batsman
  • Profession – Indian professional cricketer
  • Awards- Padma Shree 2009, Padma Bhushan 2018

8. Chris Gayle

Top 10 Ipl Batsman in the World

In the history of IPL, many big players are bid every year, but Chris Gayle is such a cricket player who is famous for putting sixers. His full name is Christopher Henry Gale, and his worldwide ranking is 149. Everyone who is a cricket fan in India knows Chris Gayle, and everyone also knows that if Chris Gayle is allowed in the format, he will win the match alone.

He has got the award for hitting the most sixes in the history of World cricket, and he is the only player who has hit the longest sixer to date. Chris Gayle is a player from the West Indies, and in his early days of IPL, he played from Royal Challengers Bangalore; Chris Gall takes boundaries but cannot run single and double runs because his height and weight are too high.

If we talk about the Indian fan following of Chris Gayle, then it is very much because Chris Gayle is a down-to-earth player, and Chris Gayle also sings the song, and some of his big songs are also famous World Wide, and they are also famous because of their straight exploits.

The special thing about Chris Gayle is that he performs like a brand new player even in the instant age, and there are many discussions in IPL. Indian Bollywood star Pretty Zinta also likes Chris Gayle very much and wants Chris Gayle to always play for his team Kings XI Punjab.

  • Nickname – Gayle storm
  • Full Name – Christopher Henry Gayle
  • Age – 42
  • DOB – 21 September 1979
  • Height – 1.88m
  • Weight – 98
  • Spouse – Natasha Berridge
  • Birth place – Jamaica
  • Children – Blush
  • Family – Father- Dudley Gayle (Worked as a policeman) Mother- Hazel Gayle
  • Eye colour – Black
  • Hair colour – Black
  • Education – Dawood University of engineering and technology
  • Jersey numbers – 45 and 333 in IPL
  • Zodiac – Virgo
  • Batting – left-hand batsman
  • Profession – West Indies professional Cricketer
  • Awards- Orange cap award for scoring the most runs in the Tournament

9. Robin Uthappa

Top 10 Ipl Batsman in the World

If we are talking about the biggest players of IPL, how can we forget our assassin, who is Robin Uthappa? Robin Uthappa is half or Kodava by ethnicity. But his mother, Roselyn, is a pure Malayali, or His father, Venu Uthappa, a former hockey umpire, is a Kodava Hindu. Who knew playing with a small but from Kerala, this person would one day illuminate the name of India? That's why Robin Uthappa is called The Walking Assassin.

He is under control in his career, played in Mumbai, Chennai and many big states and gained a lot of experience at a very young age.

His full name is Robin Venu Uthappa, given to him by his father. Many Indian and outside players could not do anything special in their debut match, but Robin Uthappa had scored 85 runs on his debut. Robin was admitted to Brijesh Patel Cricket Academy at the age of 7, and his childhood dream was to play for India one day.

Robin Uthappa plays very well even after going so far; many people will not know about Robin Uthappa that Robin Uthappa's father was the umpire of hockey, and maybe that's why he takes more interest in sports and in a way, he deals with the support's family. Robin Uthappa started his ODI career in 2015 vs England, and he scored 165runs.

  • Nickname – The walking Assassin
  • Full Name – Robin Venu Uthappa
  • Age – 35
  • DOB – 11 November 1985
  • Height – 1.70m
  • Weight – 72kg
  • Spouse – Sheetal Gautham
  • Birth place - Kodagu
  • Children - Son- Neale Nolan Uthappa Daughter- None
  • Family – Roselyn Uthappa and Venu Uthappa
  • Eye colour – Black
  • Hair colour – Black
  • Education – Bangalore University
  • Jersey number – Formerly 17
  • Zodiac – Scorpio
  • Batting – Right-handed batsman
  • Profession – Indian professional Cricketer

10. Dinesh Karthik 

Top 10 Ipl Batsman in the World

It is believed that the Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik is a man of very calm decorum, and Dinesh Karthik has suffered a lot for this cricket. Dinesh Karthik is also the current Captain of Tamil Nadu, a domestic cricket. He made his maiden Test century against Bangladesh and was India's leading scorer on their Test tour of England. Dinesh Karthik belongs to a Telugu family.

Dinesh Karthik is not very active on social media, but his fan following and fan base are very high, and he always respects his fans. Everybody knows that Dinesh Karthik and Murali Vijay were good friends before the former wife's affair with Nikita and the Murali Vijay. The latter had destroyed it all for them. In 2012, during the Indian Premier League season 5, Dinesh and Murali were teammates in the cricket team for Tamil Nadu. Everyone believes that this incident crashed the life of Dinesh Karthik. Still, later in 2015, he engaged with Deepika pallial, an Indian professional squash player. Deepika is the first Indian to reach the top 10 in the PSA Women's rankings worldwide.

It is said that Dinesh Karthik has always shown honesty in his life. Dinesh Karthik has also been called Dhoni's copy many times because Dinesh Karthik also has a calmness like Dhoni. Still, Dinesh Karthik was never proud of this, and he has always said that Mahi Bhai and all the cricketers respect all the players, and he has the same respect for Maahi Bhai and all the cricket players.

  • Nickname – D.K.
  • Full Name – Krishna Kumar Dinesh Karthik
  • Age – 37
  • DOB – 1 June 1985
  • Height – 1.7m
  • Weight – 65
  • Spouse – Deepika Pallikal. 2015, Nikita Vijay - 2007–2012
  • Net worth – 90 Crore
  • Birth place – Chennai
  • Children – Kabir and Zian pallikal Karthik
  • Family – Padmini and Krishna Kumar
  • Eye colour – black
  • Hair colour – black
  • Education – Chettinad vidhyashram
  • Jersey number – 21
  • Zodiac – Gemini
  • Batting – Right-handed batsman
  • Profession – Indian professional cricketer