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Top 10 Beauty Tips

Health and beauty are new luxuries now. Starting from hair to feet, taking care of everything is, of course, a necessity. It is said that if you feel good, you do good. Beauty Maintenance doesn't just depend upon what you do with the outer skin. And it also depends upon what all you take in. So it is very important to take care of both aspects. Here are the top 10 Beauty tips that one should follow:

1. Cleansing Your Skin: 

Most of us clean our face with a face wash or soap, but that's not what you have to be doing. You need to cleanse your skin with two types of cleansers. One with an oil-based one and then with a water-based one. Cleansing typically washes off dead skin cells in your skin, whereas washing your skin cleans the dirt. It also removes oil, dirt, and debris

from your skin pores.

Top 10 Beauty Tips

If you wear makeup, cleansing is a must-do process that you have to do before sleeping. It washes off pores clogged in your skin and helps acne skin. Cleaning twice or thrice is always advisable for any skin. Choosing the right cleanser is equally important. Remember that if you want your skin to be fresh, forget about all the beauty products on the market, and wash and cleanse your face daily. That is enough to beat the pollution around for your skin to damage.

 2. Sunscreen: 

Sunscreen protects your skin in two ways, one from getting tanned and the other from harmful radiation like Ultraviolet rays. The science behind harmful radiation that falls on our skin is that UV radiation damages the blood vessel walls of our skin and gradually makes them thin. This thinning will lead to bleeding and bruising of the skin. Interestingly, the unknown fact that not many people don't know about is that sunscreen also acts as an anti-aging substitute. The most common cancer the skin cancer. Sunscreen also protects your skin from that doubt.

Top 10 Beauty Tips

It typically protects your skin from pigmentation, wrinkles, and Dark spots. Coming to the primary use of sunscreen, it protects your skin from Sunburns. As we all know, the sun's rays provide us with vitamin D. An overexposure to these rays without a proper lotion is a risk to your skin health. There is a thing called hyperpigmentation which darkens and discolors your skin.

Surprisingly this could either be by sun exposure or may be hereditary. It causes irrespective of the season, so it is suggestible that try wearing sunscreen in all the seasons. Apply sunscreen indoors, even during winter, on cloudy days, at high altitudes, and through light clothing. Studies say that sun rays can also cause damage to DNA and create carcinogenesis in your skin with photoaging. 

3. A proper liquid intake: 

Without me saying how important it is to stay hydrated, you know staying hydrated helps your skin in many ways. Intaking the right amount and the proper kind of liquids gives an inner glow to your skin which will reduce the hectic process of applying multiple products to your skin from outside. Morning to night, have ample healthy liquids like fresh smoothies, green juices, and fruit juice. They not only hydrate your skin but also oxygenate and brighten up your skin. A smoothie in the morning for breakfast, green juice in the afternoon, and any two fruit juices in the evening will create a healthy skincare routine all by itself.

Top 10 Beauty Tips

Dermatologists have suggested that the right liquid intake group is enough for your skin protection. 

i. Water:

Water in the morning helps you gain body metabolism and cleanses your stomach.

ii. Lemon and honey water:

Lemon and Honey are one of the best electrolytes one should take to protect the body from harmful toxins. It is also useful for weight loss. Honey and lemon naturally moisturize your skin and rejuvenates the skin. 

iii. Green Tea:

Green Tea is another amazing drink that can prevent acne, as it contains vitamin C. 

iv. Turmeric Milk: 

Turmeric Milk is another antibiotic drink that protects your body from bacteria and germs. A big spoon of turmeric in your hot water or milk will benefit your skin.

4. Maintaining the order of skincare products: 

Most of us regularly do the skincare routine. The order of applying skincare products also is very important. The only rule here is to go from thinnest to thickest, which means applying the thinnest products first and then going with the thickest. The vogue beauty suggests the order of cleanser, toner, mask, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, oil, and SPF at the end. The idea behind this is that only a small amount of skin products will penetrate the skin no matter how much we apply.

Top 10 Beauty Tips

It is suggestible that using an essence will balance your skin's pH. You must apply any Vitamin C serum in the morning and night. Not just what you apply. But when you apply, it also matters. Usually, starting with the cleanser and then with the toner is a good-to-go process for any newbie who wants to start their daily skincare routine.

Adding an antioxidant is also a helpful way to produce collagen in your skin. One pro tip for skincare enthusiasts is never pairing an antioxidant with a moisturizer or toner because they destabilize vitamin c. Always end your night with a retinoid. Wondering what retinoid is! Well, it is also a type of moisturizer mostly used after sunset. 

5. Managing makeup on your skin:

I know you all love makeup. But as much as you fancy wearing makeup, it is important to remove the makeup too. Taking off every trace of makeup is crucial before going to bed. If you don't do so, your skin pores get clogged, and that's how acne forms on your skin.

Top 10 Beauty Tips

Exfoliating the skin is as important as removing your makeup. Exfoliating will make your skin smooth and have a great texture without getting cloggy pores on your skin, and the next time you apply makeup, it will not give you a cakey appearance. Do remember this next time you apply makeup. 

6. Using organic materials in your kitchen/garden:

If you observe a bit, many hidden gems exist in our kitchen or garden. Some of them are: Using tomatoes for tan removal: Tomatoes are a great option for sun tan removal. A mixture of tomato pulp, oatmeal, and yogurt works on tanned skin. 

Top 10 Beauty Tips
  1. Eggs and olive oil for your hair: 
    A hair pack of egg and olive oil works great if you want to add thickness and shine to your hair.
  2. Use gram flour instead of soap: 
    Next time you use soap, go to your kitchen and grab a fist full of gram flour and replace your soap with it. It is a natural cleanser for your face. It washes off dirt on your face and also removes tan.
  3. Tulsi & Neem:
    You might have already seen many TV commercials saying neem can reduce pimples. Yes, They are right. Make a paste of tulsi and neem, and applying them to your pimples will give better results than any other pimple reduction cream. 
  4. Honey on chapped lips: 
    Honey can cure the long-lasting problem of chapped lips. Make it a habit of applying Honey to your lips twice or thrice daily. You then don't need to worry about your chapped lips.
  5. Potato for Pigmentation: 
    A few skin issues need long-lasting remedies. All you have to do is to maintain consistency in the process. One of the problems like this is pigmentation. Just take some tablespoons of potato juice and apply it to the pigmented areas. The results are going to wonder you.

7. Do not process your hair twice or thrice: 

Hair coloring is something all Genz love these days. The effort we take to make our hair get colored high. But unfortunately, it gives the same amount of damage if it is not maintained properly. Double processing or triple processing your hair is a big NO-NO. Even though there are treatments like keratin and nourishing hair treatment, it will be a lot of processes to make your hair healthy again. Double processing hair typically means making your lighter once and then adding color to it again. So that hair looks like two different colors.

Top 10 Beauty Tips

Usually, it is done on blonde hair, but regardless of hair color and type, it harms your hair very badly, and it is tough to make your hair healthy again. It typically causes breakage of hair and split ends. The saddest part here is that the double or triple process lasts only eight to nine weeks. But, your hair is going to get damaged for a lifetime. Not trying to be skeptical about it. However, there are a few expensive treatments to make your hair healthy back again. One should use a deep conditioner if one chooses any of these processes. You must avoid heating activities like ironing, straightening, or curling your hair. It is suggestible that opting for treatment of hot oil once in a few weeks can make your hair intact and healthy.

 8. Opting for Cuticle oil for nails: 

If you observe thoroughly, our nail's cuticle shape changes according to the season. Going for a moisturizing product is the best to protect our cuticles from these season-wise changes. Cuticle oil comes under one of the best moisturizing products on the market. It is made of citric acid ingredients and vegetable oils and acts as an antioxidant for your nails. It helps a lot for your nail and cuticle growth.

Top 10 Beauty Tips

Please take a few drops of cuticle oil, apply them to your cuticles, and give them a good massage. The process is so simple that it will take hardly two to three minutes, but the results last longer and more effectively.

Different types of oil are available in the market, such as jojoba oil, safflower oil, and flaxseed oil. Choose the oil according to what kind of vitamins you want for your cuticle skin. Sometimes, cuticles tend to fall out because of seasonal changes or dead skin cells. In that case, it is better to take the skin off with clippers or tweezers. Do not bite them off or rip them off with your bare hands as it contains bacteria. There is a scope for cuticle infection, which could cause skin redness and some nail detachment. So, it is important to take care of even the tiniest area of your body.

9. Sleep cycle: 

It may sound generic and common to have a proper sleep cycle, but it is a fact. Sleep is the best magic that can instantly make changes to your skin. If you are not maintaining a proper sleep cycle, it spoils your inner and outer beauty simultaneously. Firstly, it affects your digestive system, which will parallelly affect the food intake energy. Speaking about outer beauty, it will easily reflect your face's dark circles and wrinkles. And now you know how tough it is to get off from dark circles.

Top 10 Beauty Tips

A night of good eight-hour sleep is always a game-changer, no matter how busy you are during the day. Fortunately, if you find time during the day, go for a one-hour nap. The fact behind sleep is that when you sleep, your skin will re-energize the cells in your body.

10. Facial yoga and Massage: 

Just like we do yoga for our body, one should also make a habit of facial yoga. It opens the skin pores and provides ventilation to our skin, eventually increasing blood circulation around the face. Facial Massage is very important for the reduction of wrinkles. While having a facial massage, add a paste of any natural ingredient like turmeric paste or aloe vera, and then give a good massage to your face. It gives the face a good shape and also reduces facial fat.

Top 10 Beauty Tips


Concluding with a bottom line, try using fewer products on your skin. Allow your skin to breathe more. The lesser the products you use, the more it becomes breathable. Also, always opt for natural products or the product with the highest proportion of natural ingredients. Eat healthily, Maintain health and be healthy.