Excel COUNTBLANK() Function

Excel COUNTBLANK() Function

The COUNTBLANK() function in excel counts the number of blank cells within a range.


COUNTBLANK ([value1], [value [2], ...)


value1(required)- This parameter represents the first cell in the range.

value2, …(optional)- It represents the second, third, and so on cells in the range.




This function returns the count of the number of blank cells within a range.

Example 1

Objective: To count the number of empty cells in the above table

List of Numbers Result Formula
13 11 50 0  =COUNTBLANK(A18:C18)
191 A 1 0  =COUNTBLANK(A19:C19)
82   20 1  =COUNTBLANK(A20:C20)
-82.5   B 1  =COUNTBLANK(A21:C21)

Example 2

Rows/Columns B C D E F
90 Emp_ID Employee Name City/State Department Salary
91 E001 Beena Singh New York Marketing
92 E002 Ritu Sisodia   Sales Executive  
93 E003 Gajni Seth Texas   $115,550
94 E004 Ram Nath Kovind Texas Customer Support $99,500
95 E005 Govind Texas Customer Support $35,000

Objective: To count the non-empty cells in the data

Result Formula
3   =COUNTBLANK(B90:F95)