Excel AVERAGE() Function

Excel AVERAGE() Function

The AVERAGE() function returns the average of its arguments, which can be number or names, arrays, or references that contain numbers. It ignores text values and blank cells.


AVERAGE(Number1,Number2, ...)


Number1(required)- This parameter represents the string for which you want to find the length.

Number2, …(optional)- It represents the list of values from which you want to find the average value.




This function returns the average value of the given numbers.

Example 1

Objective: Use AVERAGE function to find the smallest value of the 3 numbers present for each row

Number1 Number2 Number3 Result Formula
3   5 4  =AVERAGE (A1:C1)
19 A 1 10  =AVERAGE(A2:C2)
8 b c 8  =AVERAGE(A3:C3)
-8.5 3 0.5 -1.666666667  =AVERAGE(A4:C4)

Example 2

Emp_ID   Employee Name   DOJ   Deployed City/State   Department   Monthly Salary  
E001 Phebe Bhuffay 12/11/2011 Hyderabad Accounts $150,000  
E002 Jacky Bling 08/09/2012 Gujarat Finance $115,550  
E003 Rachel Green 01/02/2009 Noida Marketing $99,500  
E004 Sadhan Kumar 01/04/2013 Gurugram Customer Support Executive   $35,000  

Objective: Get the average salary per employee

Result Formula Text
$98,888 =AVERAGE(A2:A5)