Excel WORKDAY.INTL() Function

Excel WORKDAY.INTL() Function

The WORKDAY.INTL() function in excel returns a date before or after a specified number of workdays with custom weekend parameter.




START_DAY (required)- This parameter represents the initial date from which you have to start calculating the working days.

DAYS(required)- This parameter represents the date end.

WEEKEND(optional)- This Setting for which days of the week should be considered weekends. The options are as follows:

  1 signifies Saturday, Sunday

  2 signifies Sunday, Monday

  3 signifies Monday, Tuesday

  4 signifies Tuesday, Wednesday

  5 signifies Wednesday, Thursday

  6 signifies Thursday, Friday

  7 signifies Friday, Saturday

11 signifies Sunday only

12 signifies Monday only

13 signifies Tuesday only

14 signifies Wednesday only

15 signifies Thursday only

16 signifies Friday only

17 signifies Saturday only

HOLIDAY (optional)- This parameter represents a list of one or more dates that should be considered non-work days.


Date & Time


This function returns a date before or after a specified number of workdays with a custom weekend parameter.

Example 1

Objective: Add 90 working days to 'Dummy Dates' where weekends are Thursday and Friday and return in the result cell

Holidays Date
New Year's Day 1-Jan-18
Republic Day 26-Jan-18
Good Friday 14-Apr-18
Idul Fitr 26-Jun-18
Independence Day 15-Aug-18
Vijaya Dashmi 30-Sep-18
Gandhi Jayanti 2-Oct-18
Deepawali 18-Oct-18
Christmas Day 25-Dec-18
Dummy Dates Days/Answer Date/Formatted Value Formula Used
1-Jan-16 42494 4-May-16 =WORKDAY.INTL (B8,90, 6, $G$14:$G$22)  
20-Sep-17 43127 27-Jan-18 =WORKDAY.INTL (B9,90,6, $G$14:$G$22)  
21-Mar-17 42941 25-Jul-17 =WORKDAY.INTL (B10,90, 6, $G$14:$G$22)