Excel MIN() Function

Excel MIN() Function

The MIN() function in excel returns the smallest or minimum value from the provided numbers, named range or array. It ignores logical values and text.


MIN(Number1,Number2, ...)


Number1(required)- This parameter represents the string for which you want to find the length.

Number2, …(optional)- It represents the list of values from which you want to find the average value.




This function returns the smallest number in each set of values.

Example 1

Objective: Use MIN function to find the smallest value of the 3 numbers present for each row

Number1 Number2 Number3 Result Formula
33 54 13 13  =MIN(A15:C15)
19 A 10 10  =MIN(A16:C16)
81 B c 81  =MIN(A17:C17)
-8.5 3 -10.5 -10.5  =MIN(A18:C18)

Example 2

Emp_ID   Employee Name   DOJ   Age   Department   Salary  
EMP-001   Beena Singh 21-Mar-16   21   Engineer   $95,000  
EMP-002   Ritu Sisodia 27-Feb-16   39 Sales Executive   $150,000  
EMP-003   Gajni Seth 11-Jan-16   27 Engineer $115,550  
EMP-004   Ram nath Kovind 16-Feb-16   45 Engineer $99,500  
EMP-005   Govind 31-Mar-15   32 Customer Support Executive   $35,000  

Objective: What is the age of the youngest employee as per the data?

Result Formula
21 =MIN(A2:F5)