Excel MAX() Function

Excel MAX() Function

The MAX() function in excel returns the largest or maximum number from a range of cells. It ignores logical values and text.


MAX(Number1,Number2, ...)


Number1(required)- This parameter represents the string for which you want to find the length.

Number2, …(optional)- It represents the list of values from which you want to find the average value.




This function returns the largest number in a given set of values.

Example 1

Objective: Use MAX function to find the greatest value of the 3 numbers present for each row

Number1 Number2 Number3 Result Formula
33 54 13 54  =MAX(A15:C15)
19 A 10 19  =MAX(A16:C16)
81 B c 81  =MAX(A17:C17)
-8.5 3 -10.5 3  =MAX(A18:C18)

Example 2

Emp_ID   Employee Name   DOJ   Age   Department   Salary  
EMP-001   Beena Singh 21-Mar-16   21   Engineer   $95,000  
EMP-002   Ritu Sisodia 27-Feb-16   39 Sales Executive   $150,000  
EMP-003   Gajni Seth 11-Jan-16   27 Engineer $115,550  
EMP-004   Ram nath Kovind 16-Feb-16   45 Engineer $99,500  
EMP-005   Govind 31-Mar-15   32 Customer Support Executive   $35,000  

Objective: What is the age of the oldest employee as per the data?

Result Formula
45 =MAX(A2:F5)