Excel LARGE() Function

The LARGE() function in excel returns the k-th largest value in a data set.


LARGE (Array, kth small number from the list)


Array (required)- This parameter represents the list of numbers from which nth largest number needs to be found out.

K(required)- This parameter represents the kth largest number which needs to be found out like 5th largest number etc.




This function returns the nth largest number from the given set of values.

Example 1

Objective: Use LARGE function to find the nth largest value from the set of values

Array/List of Numbers k-th largest number Formula
3 16 5 16  =LARGE(A18:C21,D18)
19 67 1 67  =LARGE(A18:C21,D19)
21 12 -9 21  =LARGE(A18:C21,D20)
0 -8 0.5 0.5  =LARGE(A18:C21,D21)

Example 2

Emp_ID Employee Name DOJ Age Department Salary
TC-001 Sukla Rathore 21-Mar-16 21 Engineer $95,000
TC-002 Shivam Ghandhi 27-Feb-16 39 Sales Executive $150,000
TC-003 Thomas Mitchell 11-Jan-16 40 Engineer $115,550
TC-004 Ashish Kumar Patra 16-Feb-16 19 Engineer $99,500
TC-005 Chonmila Vualnam 31-Mar-15 28 Customer Support Executive $35,000

Objective 1: Find out the age of 2rd eldest employee from the above table

Result Formula
39   =LARGE(E60:E64,2)  

Objective 2: Get the sum of top 3 highest paid salaries

Result Formula
365050   {=SUM(LARGE(G60:G64,{1,2,3}))}