Excel VLOOKUP() Function

Excel VLOOKUP() Function

The VLOOKUP() function in excel is used to lookup the value on the leftmost side of the table and then return the value in the corresponding row basis on the supplied column index number. 


VLOOKUP(LookupValue, Table_Array, Column_Index_Num, [Range_Lookup])


LookupValue(required)- This parameter represents the value which needs to be looked for in a particular table.

Table_Array (required)- This parameter refers to the table in which we need to check for this value to be present and from which we want to retrieve data. By pressing the F2 key when you have selected your table, you fix the range. So when you copy the formula from one cell to another, the range does not update automatically.

Index_Num(required)- If the value is present in the table, then which column consists of the value we want the function to return

Range_Lookup(optional)- This parameter takes a Boolean value - TRUE for approximate match and FALSE (which is the default value) for an exact match of the value we are searching for in a table.


Lookup & Reference


This function is used to lookup a particular value in a table and then return data from a specific column corresponding to that value.

Example 1

Objective: Below in the Lookup table, we have cost for different parts for different car makers. Use VLOOKUP() to get costs in front of items in the second table.

Lookup Table Mercedes Audi BMW
Head Light $2,700 $2,023 $3,000
Engine $5,000 $4,999 $5,200
Steering $1,250 $1,302 $1,100
Ignition $250 $301 $200
CYHead $3,010 $290 $310
Maker Spare Cost Formula
Mercedes Ignition £250  =VLOOKUP(B1,$A$24:$B$28,2,FALSE)
BMW Head Light £2,023  =VLOOKUP(B2,$A$24:$C$28,3,FALSE)
Audi Engine £5,200  =VLOOKUP(B3,$A$24:$D$28,4,FALSE)
Audi Steering £1,100  =VLOOKUP(B4,$A$24:$D$28,4,FALSE)
Mercedes Ignition £250  =VLOOKUP(B5,$A$24:$B$28,2,FALSE)
Mercedes CYHead £3,010  =VLOOKUP(B6,$A$24:$B$28,2,FALSE)
BMW Head Light £2,023  =VLOOKUP(B7,$A$24:$C$28,3,FALSE)
BMW Engine £4,999  =VLOOKUP(B8,$A$24:$C$28,3,FALSE)

Example 2

Objective: Find 'Email ID' & 'Salary' based on the lookup value by looking up in table.

ID Name Email ID Department Salary
651 Gautam [email protected] Marketing $1,378
774 Pooja Rani [email protected] Sales Executive $920
650 Aashna Malhotra [email protected] Business Analyst $936
624 Lakshman Maradapa [email protected] Engineering $806
873 Ekta Gupta [email protected] CSE $1,218
818 Nikit Mahiwal [email protected] Engineer $1,206
828 Meenakshi Jaiswal [email protected] CSE $1,007
925 Pragati Patel [email protected] Sales $1,479
721 Rohit Rawat [email protected] CSE $866
Lookup Value Aashna Malhotra Formula Text
Email ID [email protected] =VLOOKUP(C52,C56:F67,2,0)
Salary $936 =VLOOKUP(C52,C56:F67,4,0)