Advantages and Disadvantages of Selenium-IDE

Advantages and Disadvantages of Selenium-IDE

Advantages of Selenium IDE:

  1. UI based record and playback tool.
  2. Easy to understand & developed a test script.
  3. Selenium-IDE test script export into web driver code & Selenium–RC
  4. It is very easy to install and use.
  5. No programming experience is required to use Selenium IDE.
  6. Selenium-IDE has built-in help feature, and they show the documentation on the selected or entered command.
  7.  It helps us in debugging by displaying the information and error messages.
  8. It provides excellent support for extensions.

Disadvantage of Selenium IDE:

  1. It supports only Firefox browser because it implements as a plug-in for Firefox.
  2. It cannot launch new browser and run the test script (it work with existing browser only)
  3. It supports only the html language.
  4. Parameterization is not possible.
  5. Reading from the external file and run the test script is called parameterization.
  6. Can be used only with a simple application, cannot be applied to develop Ajax application.
  7. It is an asynchronous java framework which is used to create dynamic applications,
  8. Looping and conditional statements are not allowed.
  9. Selenium IDE does not support error handling and database testing.
  10. Selenium IDE cannot be used in iPhone and Android applications testing.
  11. Selenium IDE does not support iterations and conditional operations.