Selenium WebDriver Characteristics

Characteristics of Selenium WebDriver

Some of the essential characteristics of Selenium WebDriver are as follows:

Multiple Operating System Support

Selenium Webdriver supports multiple operating systems like:

  • Desktop OS: Window, Linux, and macOS
  • Mobile OS:  iOS, Android

Multiple Browser Support:

  • WebDriver supports several ranges of web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and many more.
  • It also helps some of the non-conventional or rare browsers like the HTML Unit.
Selenium Web Driver Characteristics

Multiple Languages Support

  • Selenium WebDriver supports most of the commonly used programming languages like Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Pearl, and Python.
  • So, the user can choose any one of the supported programming languages based on his/her interest and knowledge and start writing their test scripts in the selected programming language.


  • WebDriver supports the secure application because it doesn't require any intermediate server to communicate with the browser.
  • WebDriver execution is faster as compared to other tools of Selenium Suite.
Selenium Web Driver Characteristics 1


The commands are used to implement the actions on the browser in Selenium WebDriver.

To launch a browser in WebDriver, following commands are used:

Browsers Commands
Firefox browser WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver();
Microsoft edge browser WebDriver driver=new EdgeDriver();
Chrome browser WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver(); 
Internet Explorer browser WebDriver driver = new InternetExplorerDriver();

Selenium WebDriver-Methods and Classes

  • WebDriver implements multiple solutions while working with some significant challenges at the time of automation testing.
  • WebDriver also supports window handling, which includes complex types of web elements such as checkboxes, dropdowns, mouse and keyboard control, alerts through dynamic finders, and file uploading.
Selenium Web Driver Characteristics 2