CSE Full Form

Full Form of CSE – Computer Science Engineering

CSE is also known as Computer Science Engineering. It is an engineering course that includes various aspects of computer science that are mandatory for the complete knowledge and development of computer systems.

CSE Full Form

CSE is an undergraduate course of engineering, and this course includes the comprehensive study of the computer system, including hardware, software, practical as well as theoretical knowledge.

This degree or course of CSE includes all the subjects like algorithm analysis, programming languages, and programme design. Earlier, Computer science was part of mathematics and engineering, but with advancements and the passage of time, it has become a separate field of engineering.

CSE is a program that is offered by many universities and includes engineering as well as scientific aspects of computing. In Europe, it is often known as engineering informatics under the academic program.

Eligibility of CSE course

This CSE course has specific criteria to be fulfilled. This course is available and can be pursued by both undergraduates and postgraduates. The specific criteria need to be fulfilled by both are;

  • For undergraduates, those who wish to enroll in the CSE course should have successfully passed class 10th and 12th examination from a recognised board. Also, it is necessary that the student had Chemistry, Physics, and Maths as their main subjects and the student passed the examinations with a considerable percentage.
  • For Postgraduates, a candidate who has successfully completed B.tech from a recognised university and achieved minimum percentage is eligible for the CSE course.
  • Most of the time, the candidate also needs to pass the entrance exam that is recognised by AICTE. The entrance exam for the same includes IIT JEE, AIEE, etc.
  • After completing the BE, the students are free to pursue ME or Mtech and even Ph.D. as per their desire and wish.
CSE Full Form

Mandatory Skills and Knowledge

There are specific essential skills that are mandatory for the students to These skills include;

Analytical skills, critical thinking ability, Programming skills, essential or standard knowledge of web design, fundamental knowledge machine learning, specialisation of algorithm, solid data structure, and even strong grasping strength.

CSE or Computer Science Engineering Subjects;

  • The course of CSE varies across colleges, but mostly the course includes subjects like programming, algorithms, data structures, computer networks, embedded system, algorithm design, processor design, computer graphics, software engineering, database system, games programming, etc.
  • CSE also includes some of the core theoretical subjects of computer science, including the theory of computation, machine learning, paradigms, theory of programming.
  • Some current CSE courses also include subjects like image processing, data science, automatic computing, AI or artificial intelligence, and even robotics.
  • Most of the CSE courses require prior knowledge of Mathematics, as the initial year is ruled by maths-related subjects and physics-related. So having prior knowledge is beneficial.

Work of CSE engineer

The work of computer engineers revolves around computers.

  • The primary work of CS engineers various across industries, sectors and is more of flexible and variable.
  • The CS engineer is usually in designing and developing the software for various industries.
  • His work also includes testing, managing various software, hardware, and networks in various organisations and industries.
  • CSE engineer also designs, develops hardware parts of computers, desktops, and laptops.
  • CSE engineer also has the responsibility to write codes, algorithms for various operating systems like Linux, Windows, etc.
  • CSE engineer also has the capability to design, develop software for the various peripheral devices like printers, scanner keyboards, etc.
CSE Full Form

Career Post Completion of CSE course

Soon after finishing the CSE course, there are various jobs or opportunities available for the CS engineer. Some of these include;

  • A CS Engineer can successfully make his career as a Software Developer; he will majorly be responsible for activities like the development of software, designing, coding, and even programming for the industry or organization.
  • A CSE pass out can also opt to be a hardware engineer and take up the responsibility of designing, developing, testing, installing computer hardware like modems, circuit boards, keyboards, etc.
  • He or she can also be a System Designer and perform activities like system design, physical design, etc.
  • CS engineers can be system analysts for the industry with the responsibility to research about the problems, and finding the solutions to the problems and handling problems, coordinating with the teams, etc.
  • CS course pass-outs can also be network engineers or database administrators or database coordinators or programmers- dealing with networks; designs, maintenance, repair of the database of the company.

Universities Offering Computer Science and Engineering course.

There are various universities, institutes that offer CSE courses. Some of the renowned universities include;

University of Oxford; Dhaka University; University of Michigan; University of Washington; Stanford University; Santa Clara University; Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Bombay, Madras, and Kanpur; SRM University of Science and Technology, Chennai; Vellore Institute of Technology; the University of Nevada and many more universities around the world.

Computer science engineering is one of the most eminent professions and students pursuing; completing this prestigious course attracts great pay packages. These candidates also have the opportunity to go abroad for higher studies or work as these engineers are in great demand around the world in various sectors and industries.

2. CSE- Centre for Science and Environment

Anotherfull form of CSE is the centre for Science and Environment. CSE is an organisation that is not for profit and is public interest research and advocacy organisation.

CSE Full Form

This organisation has its basis in New Delhi, India. CSE was established in 1980; it functions as the think factory for the environment and development issues and topics in India. Some of the crucial issues like poor planning, devastating effects on India's Sundarbans due to shift in the climate, demand or requirement for change in the policies, better implementation of the current policies are some of the crucial aspects that are essentially taken care of by CSE.

Sunita Narain is the director of the CSE; it is under her demand and superb leadership that pesticides in soft drinks like Coke, Pepsi have been exposed.

CSE has also been awarded with awards like Indira Gandhi Peace Prize; Disarmament and Development in 2018.

CSE has been taking up important projects like food adulteration investigations, the safety and security of consumer products, and so on.

CSE Full Form

CSE has a significantcontribution to public interest research, and they have been working for the welfare of society.

CSE has also been organising workshops raising awareness on aspects like solid waste management, waste segregation, etc. They even provide training courses on subjects like E-waste management; Water audit and conservation in industries, and much more.

3. CSE – Civil Service Examination

CSE is the abbreviated form of Civil Service Examination. CSE is a competitive examination that is conducted, managed by UPSC or Union Public Service Commission in India. This exam helps in the recruitment of candidates in various Civil Services of the Government of India, like IAS (Indian Administrative Service; IAF( Indian Foreign Service), and IPS (Indian Police Service).

CSE Full Form

CSE is sometimes also known as the UPSC examination.

Phases of Examination

There are three phases of the examination. These include;


2. Mains

3. Interview or the Personality Test

The preliminary phase consists of two papers that are objective. These include General Studies Paper 1 and 2. This is also known as the Civil Service Aptitude Test or CAT.

The main examination includes a total of nine papers includes essay types; qualifying papers. Out of these marks of seven papers in counted.

Process and History

  • CSE has its origin and basis from the Imperial Civil Service Tests of the British Era or the civil service examination held by the Mauryan or the Mughal Empire.
  • It is considered to be one of the most challenging examinations in India. Two years are required for the completion of the preparation. One year before the preliminary and one year post that for mains and personality test.
  • Depending on the scores in the main examination, the candidate is then called for the interview or the personality test. The personality and other soft skills of the candidate are taken into regard.
  • The candidate who successfully scores the required marks passes the examination and is sent for the training followed by recruitment in their respective cadre.
CSE Full Form


There are specific criteria to be fulfilled for the CSE examination. These include;

1. The candidate should be a citizen of India for services like IAS, IPS, or IFS.

2. For other services, the candidate can be either citizen of India or Nepal, or Bhutan, or can be a Tibetan refuge that came in India before 1 January 1962. Or can also be a person that migrated permanently from Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Kenya, Uganda, etc

3.Candidate should have a bachelor's degree or graduation from a recognised university. Either full-time or correspondence.

4. The age limit for appearing in the CSE examination is a minimum of 21 years and a maximum of 32 years for the general category, as of 1 August of the year of examination.

(There can be variation in age limit for OBC, SC, and ST)

5. The candidate of a general category can attempt the exam up to 6 times within the age limit.

(Applying but not sitting is not counted as an attempt)

4. CSE - Certificate of Secondary Education

CSE is also known as the certificate of secondary education. This has been replaced in the UK with GCSE (General certificate of secondary education).

This qualification differs from the Indian certificate of secondary education, which is also known as the school leaving certificate in India.