Full Form of MC

1. Menstrual cycle

MC stands for Menstrual Cycle. It is commonly known as periods. When a girl reaches puberty, there are certain, specific changes in her physical body as well as reproductive organs. MC refers to these changes that occur in the reproductive system of the females on a regular basis, mostly every 28 days.

Full Form of MC 1

In women, the first cycle for the same usually begins between the age of twelve to fifteen and continues till the age of 45 years. After this, women usually undergo menopause. These natural changes that happen in the reproductive system of women every 28 days leads to a lot of blood loss that flows through the vaginal passage and is termed as periods.

Menstrual Cycle provides important hormones to the body of the female that are essential to maintain female health. Time period of the menstrual cycle is usually enumerated from the first or the initial day of the period until the first day of the next; the average length of Menstrual Cycle is 28 days; this can vary in some from 21-35 days and 21-45 in the teenage females.

The menstrual cycle is a vital and very crucial portion of women's health.

Phases of Menstrual Cycle

There are four phases of the menstrual cycle which are;

Menstrual Phase

This phase usually corresponds to 1-4 days of the cycle. During this phase, the inner wall of the uterus breaks, which leads to the bleeding of the blood flow from the vagina.

Follicular Phase

The next phase in the cycle is the Follicular phase, which usually occurs between 4-12 days. In this phase, bleeding or blood loss gets stopped, and only one follicle gets ready to release the ova.

Full Form of MC 1

Ovulatory Phase

This phase usually happens between 12-16 days of the cycle; in this phase, once the ova is received by the fallopian tube and if it doesn't happen to meet the sperm, it begins to break down within the next 24-48 hours.

Luteal Phase

This is the last phase of the cycle. This phase usually happens between 16-28 days of the menstrual cycle. This is the last phase, and during this, the inner lining of the uterus and the residual remains of the follicle, unfertilized eggs simply flush out of the vagina in the form of blood.

This is the entire menstrual cycle which is mostly of 28 days and sometimes of more than 28 days. These are the complete phases of the MC or the menstrual cycle.

Symptoms before the Menstrual Cycle Begins

When there is the onset of the menstrual cycle, a girl or the woman notices changes in their body.

 There are various symptoms that begin in the body and the reproductive system of the female. Following are the common symptoms witnessed by the women are;

1. Most of the women suffer from severe stomach ache, which is mainly stomach cramps, usually in the lower abdomen of the female body. These cramps make women feel unwell and tired; they do not feel like leaving the bed for the first two days.

Full Form of MC 1

2. Moreover, women also notice a loss in appetite during the initial days; they don’t feel like eating much, even do not like their favourite foods. The smell of the food items seems to be high during the initial days.

3.Some women even feel nausea, mild headache, tiredness, and fatigue during these days. It has been seen the symptoms are more in middle-aged women.

4. Extreme mood swings, crying, getting angry, pimples, or acne on the face are some of the common signs and symptoms noticed by most of the female.

5. Most of teenage women get acne on their faces during their periods, and the acne lasts during the initial phase of the menstrual cycle. This is one of the most common symptoms.

It is very essential that women, females are educated about the menstrual cycle and its details early in age; otherwise, lack of information can lead them to stress or panic.

Some essential tips during the menstrual cycle

1. Every girl or woman should be educated on the topic of the menstrual cycle, should be provided with all the necessary details and information.

2. It is important to know the importance of hygiene during the menstrual cycle; women should keep the area clean, change sanitary napkins often to avoid infections, diseases, and rashes.

3. Moreover, it is very crucial to eat a healthy diet during the menstrual cycle. As the cycle causes blood loss from the body so a healthy and balanced diet of proteins, nutrients- milk, fruits, vegetables, etc. should be taken to avoid deficiency and weakness in the body.

Full Form of MC 1

4. It is very good for the body to be active during the periods, along with healthy eating, light exercises can also be helpful. One can engage in walking, swimming, playing badminton, or even stretching exercises or yoga. This can help in relieving the pain and cramps.

5. Regular screening of health is necessary for female health. It is good to visit the gynaecologists for regular check-ups.

Menstrual cycle is an essential part of female health.

2. MC- Municipal Corporation

Another meaning or full form of MC is Municipal Corporation

Municipal Corporation is a form of government in India that controls and manages the urban areas of the country, mainly those with a population of more than 1 million.

This local body looks after the necessary services or needs of the citizens in the area, including health facilities, educational matters, housing issues, transport matters, etc. These services are provided by the local body through the collection of taxes such as property tax and through some grants offered to them by the state government.

The roles, responsibilities, and activities of these local bodies are listed in the 74th amendments act.

Full Form of MC 1

Names in States

These local bodies are known as different names in different states. These are known as Nagar Nigam in Delhi, UP, Rajasthan, Bihar, Haryana, Jharkhand, whereas it is known as Nagara Nigama in Punjab, MahanagarPalika in Goa, Maharashtra, Nagar Palika Nigam in Madhya Pradesh, and so on.


The area that is managed by the Municipal Corporation is known as the municipal area, which is then divided into constituencies known as wards.

Thus, MC is made of ward committee, and the members of the same are elected on the basis of adult franchise for a term of 5 years. The members of the award committee are known as councillors or corporators. In addition to these, the area or the state can also have MP, MLA which provides their special knowledge for the growth and flourishment of the area.

Mayor is the head of the municipal corporation, but in certain states, most of the powers are given to the Municipal Commissioner.

Full Form of MC 1


The main roles of Municipal Corporation include;

  • Urban planning including town planning.
  • Proper use of land
  • Planning for development including social and economical.
  • Regular maintenance and supply of water for various purposes.
  • Maintenance of public health, sanitization, etc.
  • Alleviation of poverty
  • Improvement of slums, urban areas, amenities and facilities.
  • The revenue is collected by property taxes
  • Rent from MC-owned properties
  • Taxes from commercial vehicles
  • Grants from the state government, etc.