Full Form of RSVP


The full form of RSVP is Répondez S’il Vous Plaît. It is an initialism that means please respond. It is a French phrase that is used to get the confirmation of an invitation. The French people considered this initialism old-fashioned and formal. According to them, it looks like the sender is begging for a response. That’s why, now the French people, use “Réponse Attendue Avant Le…”, that means “(Your) answer is expected before…”. Other than this, “SVP” is also so much popular in France which represents “s’il vous plaît” that means please.

To save the date and address of the wedding or any occasion, a “save the date” card may also send to the guests before sending the RSVP card. This can be used for the events which will be held a considerable time in future and/or in a distant location. For the events such as wedding, christening, etc. the card can be helpful for the guests to make proper travel plans.


The sizes of standard RSVP Cards are as under:

TypeCard Size (In)Orientation
Standard3 × 5Horizontal, Vertical
Post Card3 ½ × 5Mainly Horizontal
Large4 ¼ × 5 ½Mainly Horizontal


Points to Remember

While choosing a wedding RSVP card the following points should be kept in mind:

  • Wedding Size: The size of your RSVP card should be determined by the size of your wedding.A small stationery is the best for a small wedding. The first glimpse of the event that your guests will get through invitations, save the date cards, and RSVP cards should be suitable to your wedding atmosphere. For an intimate wedding, compact and simple designs are preferable while for a grand ballroom reception, large and embellished designs are the best.
  • Wedding Invitation Size: In order to scale the size of your RSVP card, also go through the size of your invitation or the number of guests. To make your card unique and eye catching, remember that it should not overpower any stationery within the suite of your wedding invitation. So if you want response from your guests, always choose a complementary size and design of RSVP card.
  • Wedding Theme and Budget: Other than the size of wedding and invitations, wedding theme and budget are also main points that should be kept in mind while choosing the perfect RSVP card. For a backyard or rustic outdoor wedding simple and standard sized cards are enough while for a luxurious event, show-stopping details are preferred.


The wordings of RSVP card can be either formal or funny. But no matter which theme you chooses, there are some important compulsory points that you should include in your RSVP  card. These points are:

  • RSVP Date: There are some ways which you may use to inform your guest:
  • RSVP by the Twenty Third of August
  • Please respond by Twenty Third of August
  • Kindly reply by Twenty Third of August
  • Your reply is requested by Twenty Third of August
  • Leave a space for your guests to write their names: Traditionally, “M.” is written to leave a space so that the guests can write their names. Alternatively, “Name” or “Name(s)” can also be write for the same.
  • A checkbox for accept or decline: Inthe “accept” and “decline” column of your RSVP card you can be little creative and can use funny words.
  • Entrée preference: If there is a buffet system in the wedding then this section can be skipped. If there is more than one entrée option in a plated meal system, then you have the option of leaving some space for your guests where they can state which meal they want.  

Examples of Wordings of Different RSVP Cards

Formal Wedding RSVP Wordings

Full Form of RSVP

Funny Wedding RSVP Wordings

Full Form of RSVP

Unique Wedding RSVP Wordings

Full Form of RSVP

Online Wedding RSVP Wordings

In modern days of internet, mobile phones, and other technologies, digital or online RSVPs are becoming more popular. These are especially used for wedding invitations. There is no need to include an RSVP card in case of an online invitation. Instead of RSVP card, a website can be mention at the bottom of the formal wedding invites. A small card with the information related to RSVP can be provided on that website.

Wordings of Wedding RSVP Envelope

Your name and address should be given on the envelopes of RSVP cards. But in case if the RSVPs are handling by your parents then their name and address should be mentioned. A stamp should also included on the envelopes. Either full name or just first name (in case if you are living separately) can be chosen to list on the envelope.

Full Form of RSVP


  • Go Digital: Make a wedding website for the convenience of your guests. Mention the URL of the site on your invitation so that the guests can visit the site to submit their RSVP. In case if there is not any website then you may also use a phone number or an email address.
  • Use DIY Card: A printable RSVP card is easily available online. The user can go online to print the card and later can cut it at home. To get a personal touch, the theme and color scheme of own choice can also be used to design the pretty card.
  • Merge with your Invite: A section for the RSVP can also leave to save envelopes and to reduce the additional printing cost. A small expense can be saved by printing it on the invite itself as well as by inserting the slits into the cards.