Full form of SI

What is the full form of SI

SI: Sub-Inspector

SI stands for Sub-Inspector. It is a rank that is mainly used by Police of South Asia- namely by Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. This ranking system of the police officers is based on the British Model. This rank was initially used during the British Colonial times, in certain British Police Forces, etc. The said rank was responsible for the police substation and had the duty to assist the inspector.

Sub Inspector in India

  • SI refers to the Sub-Inspector, which is a rank in the Police Force of India. Mainly in India, SI has the responsibility or the charge of Police Station and ranks above the ASI or the Assistant Sub Inspector of Police. The rank badge for S.I. includes two stars and a red and blue striped ribbon at the end of the shoulder straps (outer end).
Full form of SI
  • This is similar to the insignia of a subedar in the Indian Army.
  • Also, the rank insignia or Principal SI and the Additional SI is the same.
  • S.I. has the responsibility of the police station along with the administration and functioning of that respective police station, where he or she has been posted. Responsibility for maintaining law and order in the respective jurisdiction also falls on the shoulder of S.I.
  • S.I. or the sub-inspector generally has the command or control over very few police officers like head constables, personnel of equal post, etc. They are the lowest in rank as per the Indian police rules and regulations who can file or register a charge sheet in the court and are mostly the first investigating officers. A S.I. cannot investigate the cases that have been allocated to their senior officers like DSP or CID. 
  • Despite this, S.I. act as a bridge between the senior police officers and the officers ranking below them.
  • Police officers that are subordinate to him cannot file the charge sheet but can investigate the case in his absence. In states like Kerala, SI are the station officers. However, detailed duties and responsibilities of S.I. are mentioned in the Indian police act and the state act.
  • S.I. is below the inspector and above the ASI or the Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police; most are directly appointed and are better educated than the lower-ranking officers.
  • S.I. rank is also used by some specialized units like CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) or Armed Battalions, but all these do not have the authority or the control to investigate the cases; they lack the investigative powers.
Full form of SI
  • Apart from these, there are also special officers that fall under the category of non-investigation officers, which include S.I. (band) and S.I. (motor transport), etc.
  • SSC or staff selection commission appoints the candidates at the national level in various forces like CRPF, CBI, SSB, SI, BSF, etc. Apart from SSC, even the state government conducts examinations for employing sub-inspectors.

Eligibility Criteria for S.I. or Sub Inspector of Police in India

The individual must be a graduate from a recognized university of India.

Candidate is required to prepare, appear, as well as pass the examination conducted by Staff Selection Commission for the post of S.I.

Full form of SI

Initially, the applicants need to pass the Physical Endurance Test. After clearing this, the candidate needs to clear the written examination, and on passing that successfully, they are called for the interview, and finally, individuals undergo a medical examination for the same.

Thereby clearing all the stages, an individual becomes or is recruited as a Sub Inspector.

Powers of S.I.

Some of the powers of Sub Inspector have been listed below;

  • They have the authority to dissipate any gathering that is not mean to be or is unauthorized. In fact, they also have the power to disperse the gathering of 4-5 individuals that are disturbing the peace and harmony of the place.
  • They have the power to arrest any individual as per sections 41-42 of Cr. P.C.
  • They have the power to investigate the cases, including cognizable offences, without waiting for the order by the Magistrate.
  • They even have the power to arrest the individuals or the people that are involved in crimes that are cognizable or come under the sections of 154, 156, 41 (1a) Cr. P.C.)
  • They are empowered with authority to search any premises or place during the investigation of the case, especially when the investigation is related to the cognizable crime user section 165 Cr. P.C.
  • S.I. has the authority or the power to avoid the execution of any cognizable crime and also has the power to arrest any individual that is related under Sections 149, 151 Cr. P.C.

Duties of SI

Sub Inspector has various responsibilities on his shoulder, some of them are;

1. SI has the responsibility to make sure that staff or the personnel subordinate to him are working properly. He has the duty to manage them, make sure they are performing their duties well.

2. SI, despite being lower in rank have the duty to maintain peace and harmony in the society and even prevent any conspiracies and crimes.

3.SI being the head of the sub-station in certain areas, also has the responsibility to maintain the records, documents, and registers in the police station as per his jurisdiction.

4.SI also has the responsibility of maintaining, collecting, and even communicating on all the issues, problems, or matters that for the welfare of the society.

5. Being a Police officer, he also has the responsibility or duty to maintain law and order, detect as well as prevent crime in any area, irrespective of his jurisdiction. They work for the citizens and have the duty to maintain social well-being, safety, and protection of the citizens of the society.

It is the Police that has the power to enforce the law and make sure that the people of the country follow the rules. Also, inform their seniors about all the crucial matters that require their attention.

Full form of SI

Salary Of SI

SI or the Sub Inspector falls under the pay scale of SSC. Their salary greatly depends on the grade pay as well as their experience. Mostly their salary is approximately around 30000- 35000 per month with the grade pay of 4200.

Role and Incentives of SI

The role of SI is very crucial in doing most of the police duties and work, including investigation, law and order maintenance, collection of documents, reports for courts, etc.

  • SI is generally allocated a room to carry out all the work and duties. The room usually has a table, chair, almirah along with few necessary stationery items. This is only in few police stations as in many police stations; SI are not even given a separate room but just a separate counter or table.
  • SI is covered under the central government health scheme, so he, along with his family, is entitled to claim medical facilities as per CGHS.
  • They do not receive any special income tax benefits; it is just they are entitled to the salary of the 13th month in the Financial year, which can be counted as a privilege for sure.
  • Conclusively, being a police officer is not at all easy. They work round the clock, even in odd and unusual working hours. Salary paid as per their hard work; efforts is very low. They deal with extensive pressure, stress and still keep working for the welfare of society without any complaint.