Full Form of RTO

Full Form of RTO

RTO stands for Regional Transport Office or Road Transport Office. The bureau works under the authority of the central government. Its responsibility is to register the vehicles. The RTO issues the driving license and vehicle registration card. It is located in every state and union territory.

Responsibility of RTO

  • Registration of the new vehicle.
  • Maintaining the record of all registered vehicles.
  • Issuing a driving license to the owner of the vehicle.
  • Inspecting the vehicle on a routine basis.
  • Issuing the documents to assert the fitness of automobiles.
  • Implementing the government rules and regulations concerning automobiles.
  • Managing licenses of autos, trucks, taxis, etc.
  • Checking the emission levels of automobiles.
  • Issuing pollution documents for vehicles.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria to become a regional transport officer is given below:

  • The applicant must be 10th pass out.
  • A candidate can get a higher post only if he/she has completed graduation from any recognized university.
  • The age criteria for an applicant from the general category is 21 to 30 years. For OBC and SC/ST candidates, a relaxation of 3 and 5 years respectively is given.
RTO Full Form
Performa of a Driving Licence

Selection Process

To get selected in RTO, the candidate has to clear three stages of the recruitment process. These stages are as under:

  • Written Examination: This is the first level of the selection process in which a candidate has to clear an exam of a maximum of 200 marks. The exam is based on various subjects like current affairs, economic and social development, English language, general science, etc.
  • Physical Test: After passing the written exam, the candidate has to clear the physical test. The standards for the physical test may vary with the post a candidate is applying for. It also varies for men and women. During this process, the department has the absolute right to disqualify any candidate if he/she doesn’t fulfill any requirement.
  • Medical Test: After the physical test, the medical test or health checkup of the candidate is also done. The essential fitness aspects of clearing this test include helix in the thumb, bulging and healthy muscles, legs arched, feet flat, inequality in bones, chest not penetrating, good physical and mental health. Other than this, the candidate must have excellent hearing capacity, his/her eyes should not be affected by color blindness or blackness, close and distant vision should be expected, and eyes should not suffer any problem in the slightest light. The doctor who checks all the candidates’ organs as per the standards has the exclusive right to disqualify you.
  • Interview: This is the last stage after clearing, in which a candidate can become a regional transport officer. At this stage, a department constituted committee takes the interview of the applicants. Like the other interviews, questions are asked by the interviewee. The interviewer is selected on the basis of the quality of his/her answers. In this interview, the mental examination is also taken. The interviewee's questions are related to how serious you are about the job, how you’ll handle different situations, how you’ll be devoted to the job, etc. After clearing this last step, a candidate is selected for this job.

Posts in RTO

There are three types of posts in RTO:

  • Clerical or Clerk
  • Assistant or Sub-Assistant Engineer
  • Judicial Post

Documents Required

The following documents are needed at the time of registration of the vehicle at RTO:

  • Application form for vehicle registration.
  • Document proof for age and address.
  • Passport size photograph.
  • Vehicle's sales certificate.
  • Certificate of roadworthiness.
  • PUC certificate.
  • Customs clearance certificate (if the vehicle is imported).
  • Sales tax certificate (when the vehicle registration is to do in any state other than the state where it is bought).
  • No objection certificate from RTO (when the vehicle registration is to do in any state other than the state where it is bought).
  • Invoice of the vehicle.
  • Temporary registration number.

Terms To Be Remember

  • Vehicle NOC: A person has to visit the RTO office of his state if he wants to transfer his vehicle to any other state.
  • Duplicate RC: To get a duplicate RC book, a person has to visit RTO after completing the required documentation.
  • Ownership Change: A person has to submit the required documents at RTO if he wants to transfer the ownership of his vehicle to someone else’s name.
  • HP Deletion: After clearing the loan (if the vehicle is bought at loan), a person has to move to RTO for HP Deletion.
  • Vehicle Re-registration: Re-registration of the vehicle is to be done after taking its NOC. Under this work, re-registration, new numbers, and road tax payments are included.

RTO Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much salary does a regional transport officer get?

Ans. The salary of a regional transport officer may vary from 20,000 to 40,000 INR as per the candidate’s post.

Q. What is a PSV number?

Ans. The complete form of PSV is Public Service Vehicle. It is a badge that is issued to public vehicles. This badge contains the details related to the address and license number of the driver, police verification details, the validity of the license, and a photograph on the record of the transport department. This badge is just like a smart card.

Q. What does DTO stand for?

Ans. DTO stands for the District Transport Officer.

Q. Can the payment of vehicle tax be made online?

Ans. Yes, the payment of road tax can also be made in online mode. For this, a person has to visit the website of the Transport Department of that state in which the vehicle is purchased. After it, the vehicle owner is required to fill in the vehicle registration number and the chassis number. In the end, click on the submit to pay the tax.

Q. Can the payment of road tax be made without NOC?

Ans. Yes, the road tax can be paid without NOC but only in a newly formed state. The time limit for such payment is one year. However, the owner must get the vehicle registered within a year in the new state after getting the NOC from the RTO of the previous state.