Full Form of FBI

Full Form of FBI

FBI- Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBI is the short form of Federal Bureau of Investigation. FBI refers to the national security and intelligence service of the United States of America. FBI is also known as the main federal law enforcement agency.

FBI Full Form

FBI functions or is operated by the United States Department of Justice. FBI is also part of the U.S. Intelligence Community. FBI has the responsibility of reporting to the Director of National Intelligence and Attorney General.

FBI is one of the primary or principal agencies of the U.S. for counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence and investigation of crimes. FBI has the power, and more than 200 types or categories of crime fall under the purview of federal crimes.

FBI has the main aim of security of the country and has almost 56 offices in main cities and 400 agencies in small cities. Their offices are spread across all the cities of the United States of America.

FBI officer is an important delegate of the Director of National Intelligence. Despite the fact that the FBI has a major role in maintaining security domestically, it also plays a crucial role internationally. It has almost 60 LEGAT offices and 15 mini or sub-offices in various U.S. embassies and consulates around the world.

FBI Full Form

These offices play an important role in a foreign security, and at times FBI also has the power to carry out some secret activities in other countries or lands, as the CIA or the Central Intelligence Agency has limited power domestically.

FBI was initially established as the Bureau of Investigation on 26 July 1908, but soon it became the FBI in 1935. Soon FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation was set up, and it has its headquarters in Washington D.C., in J.Edgar Hoover Building.

The Director of the FBI is delegated by the U.S. President, whereas his designation is fixed by the Senate. The current director as of August 2017 is Christopher Wary.

Objective of FBI

The main goal or agenda of the FBI is to manage, maintain and control law and order of the United States. Their goal is to protect, secure the country and its citizens from terrorist attacks, high-end crimes, cybercrimes, and even protection against civil rights. FBI also helps in providing investigation expertise, intelligence services, training agencies- both domestic and international.

Functional Divisions of FBI

FBI is divided into functional divisions or branches along with the Office of the Director that includes the most administrative Offices.

Each branch is managed by the executive assistant director, which is then subdivided into offices and divisions, which is then supervised by Assistant Director.

The main or primary functional divisions of the FBI are;

  • FBI Human Resource Branch
  • FBI National Security Branch
  • FBI Criminal, cyber, response and service branch
  • FBI Science and Technology Branch
  • FBI Intelligence Branch
  • FBI Information and Technology Branch

Each branch has a different responsibility, task.

FBI Full Form


The motto of the FBI is Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity.

Whereas the Mission of the FBI is “to protect, secure the American people and also to uphold the Constitution of United States.”


At present, there are few priorities of the FBI, these include;

Protection of United Stated from the terrorist attacks, protection against espionage, cyber operations, eliminate cyber-criminal activities; Put an end to public corruption, white-collar crime, violent crime; Protection of civil rights; conducting foreign intelligence operations and so on.


As of 2019, the FBI had a total budget of approximately $9.6 billion. As of 2021, the FBI asked for $9.8 billion for the salaries, expenses, and construction.

Rank Structure of FBI Agent

Following is the list or hierarchy or rank structure of the FBI in ascending order

1. Field Agent

This includes new agent trainee, special agent along with senior special agent, supervisory special agent, assistant special agent in charge (ASAC), and lastly, Special Agent in Charge(SAC).

2.FBI Management

This includes the Deputy Assistant Director, followed by the assistant director, associate executive assistant director, which is followed by the Executive assistant director, associate deputy director, deputy chief of staff, chief of staff, deputy director, and director.

All the hierarchy mentioned is in ascending order, with the highest post mentioned in the end.

Eligibility to become FBI agent.

There are specific criteria that need to be followed to become an FBI agent. This includes;

  • The candidate should have a minimum of four years of the degree, along with American Citizenship.
  • The candidate also must have three years of prior work experience before filling the application.
  • The age of the candidate should be between 23-37 years of age.
  • The candidate should not have any criminal background or history.
FBI Full Form

FBI appoints only 10% of the total applicants that have applied for the post.

Then after the selection, the applicant goes under training at FBI Academy in Quantico, Va.

All the FBU agents have a Top Secret security clearance, and all the agents must pass Single Scope Background Investigations. The special agent needs to qualify in the Physical Fitness Test too.

Selected candidates must also pass a polygraph test- including use of drug use. Failing this candidate doesn’t get recruited.

The academy provides holistic training, and the academy has forensic, a testing laboratory at Academy garage, shooting range, library, gym, and so on.

Also, for the training purpose, they have a false or made-up town known as the Hogan Alley.

FBI Full Form


There is an FBI system which is known as eGuardian, and the same was launched in January 2009. It is a system that helps in sharing tips relating to possible future or current terror attacks with the police departments. This system has the aim to provide information to all the levels of law enforcement agencies about suspicious activities, threats, etc.

This system also helps in enabling real-time sharing of location, other crucial data, and information with all the agencies – local, state, federal, etc. It also helps in providing tracking information about suspicious actions and operations.

This eGuardian is a system that is similar to a tool known as Guardian- which is used by the FBI since 2005.

FBI Directors

BOI or FBI Directors are appointed by the President of the United States, and the same is accepted by the United States Senate. FBI directors can serve for a term of 10 years in their respective offices.

  • It is important to note that they can beremoved by the President before the end of their term too.
  • There are various responsibilities, duties that are necessary for the FBI director to perform, these include;
  • FBI director has the responsibility of everyday activities or operations at the FBI
  • FBI director also has the duty to assure that all the activities and cases are performed properly.
  • Another responsibility includes to keep a check on the leadership of FBI officers and to make sure they have the proper support of qualified and competent agents.
  • Director now reports all the issues to the DNI or the Director of National Intelligence- who then provides the report to the President. Earlier before the 9/11 attacks, Director had the permission to report directly to the President.