Full Form of ASAP


There are various meanings, full form of ASAP, today we are going to look at each one of them.

1. ASAP – As Soon as Possible

The full form for ASAP is As soon as possible. It is mostly spoken in the form of an acronym. It is an expression that is used to convey the urgency or the rush to complete the task in a short span of time. It refers to assigning a task with the highest or greatest priority to finish it as soon as possible, in the shortest time period. On a miscellaneous basis, it isused in chats, messages, or emails.

Full Form of ASAP

For example, it is written as Please revert to this ASAP. This phrase is used for online communications, including in chats, emails or WhatsApp, etc.

If anyone has the desire to express that the required or the assigned task need to be complete, reviewed, or take care of immediately, then ASAP is used.

Few examples of this are below:

  • I want this report on my table ASAP.
  • Please respond to my complaint ASAP.
  • Could I get that ASAP?
Full Form of ASAP


ASAP is said to have its origin from the military in the USA in1955 as US army slang where it was assumed to mean as soon as militarily possible. Its first usage was in Thompson’s book in 1954 on the Korean War, titled “The Greatest Airlift” the first-ever line printed with this phrase was “Most drops were made on an ASAP or as soon as possible basis.”

It was soon that this phrase found its place in the everyday life of citizens. It is perceived that ASAP has lost its original meaning and context outside the military. Today we use to put forward requests that require military-style urgency.

2. ASAP- Aggregate Server Access Protocol

ASAP also refers to a computer term that is used for the Protocols, i.e., Aggregate Server Access Protocol. This computer term is often used with the Endpoint, Handle space redundancy protocol that provides or supplies huge availability data transfer mechanism over IP network.

Full Form of ASAP

It separates logical communication endpoint from its IP addresses. Thus, thereby removes the connection between endpoint and physical IP, which makes up a failure of a single point.

3. ASAP- Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel

Another full form of ASAP is Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel. The panel was formed after Congress had guided NASA for its establishment. This term is often used in Astronomy and Space Science in the United States.  It is a group or panel of experts that was established after the 1967 Apollo 1 fire. The panel of ASAP was established after the disaster of Shuttle Colombia.

Full Form of ASAP

The main task of  ASAP’s panel is to evaluate the safety, security, performance of NASA. Their advice are directly related to the observation of NASA operations and decision making.

4. ASAP - Additional Skill Acquisition Programme

Another full form of ASAP is the Additional Skill Acquisition Programme. This term is used in reference to government policies. This phrase or term is used in the formulation of Policies, Programmes. ASAP implies to the initiative by the Government of Kerala.

Full Form of ASAP

The main aim of Additional Skill Acquisition Programme is to empower the young population with the skills in various sectors in order to reduce or eliminate unemployment issues and problems in the state.

The ASAP programme or initiative was implemented by the Department of General Education and Higher Education, Government of Kerala.

ASAP is a government company in Kerala and has been registered under the Companies ACT 2013. It offers various skills or programmes to first-year higher secondary undergraduate students and focuses on providing skills to the students that can help them get a job and also to enhance their employability level.

Full Form of ASAP

They believe in preparing the youth for the future. ASAP have approximately 121 skill development centres, advanced skill development centres in more than 66 engineering colleges, and 45 vocational places for multilevel skill training and development. They have various modules, skill sets that are helpful for the youth in fetching a good job. They offer 180 hours long foundation to enhance communicative skills, an IT course of 120-250 hrs for industrial skills, soft skills, life skills, and so on.

There is no doubt that ASAP in Kerala has revolutionized the state and has made a huge positive impact by raising the employability or employment skills of the population of the state.