Full Form of CC

Full Form of CC

1.CC-Carbon Copy

CC is the abbreviated form of Carbon Copy. In the ancient or older times when there was no Xerox machine, Carbon paper was used whenever more than one copy of the letter was required.

CC Full Form

So for this, a second paper was placed below the first paper with carbon in the middle of both the pages, i.e., below the first or the main page. So, whatever is written on the main page gets automatically copied to the second pagewith the help of carbon. So this was an ideal way to write more than one copy of the letter or the note.

CC Full Form

This way, more than one copy can be made by placing several sheets with the carbon copy, but practically four to five copies are possible. Sothe uppermost paper or sheet remains original, and the additional or lower sheets are known as the carbon copies.

With advancing times, xerox machine was introduced that made copying easier and convenient. With the help of this machine, one could take out as many copied as they require with just a button or a command to the machine. So with the passage of time, the use of carbon paper has declined, in fact, diminished completely.

Then, with more advancements came computers and the internet, and today, CC or carbon copy is mostly used while sending email via the internet.

CC Full Form

With the rising trend of the email, as we send emails to someone and at the same time wish to send the same email to other people as well and want to show the number of people that have been sent this email, then a simple option of doing this is using CC or carbon copy.

CC Full Form

In large companies or organisations, when the email needs to be sent to a lot of people, particularly to the entire team or group, then CC proves to be beneficial. However, there is an alternative term also that is there while sending an email with CC, which is known as BCC. BCC refers to the blind carbon copy. It is a copy note sent to the other addresses or people along with the primary address. Sometimes, a courtesy copy is an alternative term that is used instead of a Carbon Copy.

2. CC – Cubic Capacity

Another full form of CC is Cubic Capacity.CC is closely related to the size of the engine and its capability. Cubic Capacity refers to the automobile's cylinder volume or the capacity between the Piston Top Dead Center or the TDC and the BDC or the Bottom Dead Center. It is a place in the cylinder where the combustion takes place.

CC Full Form

CC or the Cubic Capacity refers to the volume that the piston takes inside the cylinder. Also, it is essential to note that if the CC or the Cubic Capacity of the engine is more or greater, then the burning fuel or the efficiency of the engine would be more.

In simple words, it is the volume that is present in the hollow structure and is measured in litres or cubic centimetres or other relevant cubic measurement units.

Measurement of CC 

It is crucial to make a note that if the CC or the Cubic Capacity is higher or more, then the fuel economy would be deficient, and then it would consume more fuel.

CC or the Cubic Capacity is primarily measured in cubic centimetres.

The formulae to measure or evaluate the Cubic Capacity of the engine is;

V = (?/4) x (D) x N x H

In this formulae;

V- Volume

D-Bore Diameter

N- Number of Cylinders

H-Stroke Length and 

the value of ? is 3.14

Some important Conversions to CC include;

  1. One cubic inch = 16.38706 cm 3
  2. One milliliter = 1 cm 3
  3. One liter = 1000 cm 3 .
CC Full Form

For example, we say Bike has 150c, which usually means that the Bike's engine capacity is 150 cubic centimeter.

And in case of the car, we say the car has four cylinders and has 1200cc.

Moreover, it is essential to note that more cubic capacity does not necessarily mean more power. A slight difference or variation is there.

In the case of a bike with 22 cc-power output id, 21 bhp, whereas in the case of a bike with 350cc power output is 19.8 bhp.

So this is clear from the above example.

3. CC- Credit Card

Another full form of CC is the credit card.

A credit card is a form of loan, which is given to the individual in the form of a card or better known as the credit card, or, if simply put, a card that ensures and provides you with credit.

An individual uses a credit card while shopping, paying bills, paying for the services.

CC Full Form

As per the rules of the credit card, the individual who is the owner of the credit card has to pay the billing amount or the amount spent through the credit card on a fixed date of the month, the date of the same can vary from individual to individual as the billing cycle can vary from person to person.

Most of the banks provide an individual with this facility of the credit card, namely ICICI Bank, SBI, HDFC, and so on.

These credit cards provide the individual with the pre-defined or fixed limits that they can use, or it is the maximum amount they can spend through the card. The credit limit of the credit card is decided by the banks of the other financial institutions on the basis of the individual's credit score or the monthly income.

It is important to note that the credit score of the individual depends on their history of payments, i.e., whether they have been returning the credit amount timely or not; they make sure to pay their debt on time or not. Individuals with bad credit scores likely either do not get the credit card or, in some cases, get a lower credit limit.

CC Full Form

Some credit cards also come with a variety of offers, the most common being reward points (these are collected on the purchases, and then the individual can use these collected points to make some purchase) and CIBIL score – which increases the chances of getting a loan in future.

If the individual meets the requirements for the credit card, then he or she can simply apply for it by filling the application form. Soon after all the formalities, individuals receive their credit cards at their given address.

Every month along with the bill, the individual also received the credit card statement. This statement includes all the transactions or the purchases made with the credit card in the previous month.

Benefits of the Credit Card

1. Each transaction through the credit card attracts huge or attractive reward points, which can be used later for free purchases or schemes.

2. Credit cards help in improving and enhancing the CIBIL score – if one makes timely payments.

3. Credit card facilitates big purchases by manageable and easy to pay EMI's.

4. Credit card helps in getting a quick loan or quick cash when you are running low on finances and are in urgent need to buy or pay for an emergency. Credit Card comes to the rescue in such cases.

4. CC – Country Code

Another full form of CC is the Country Code.

Each and every country in the world has its own and specific country code. For each and every country, a country code has been created, which helps people in communicating across borders easily without any problem.

CC Full Form

For example, the country code of India is 91, whereas of the USA is 1.

A country code is usually fixed before the number you are dialing, depending on the country you wish to make a call.

CC or the country codes are the shortcodes that are created by the countries and vary geographically, so they are also known as the geocodes or the geographical codes.

The term country code mainly implies to ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 or the International Codes, the E.164 country calling codes.