Full Form of FUP

FUP Full Form

All of us might not know the meaning of FUP. Well, FUP stands for ‘Fair Usage Policy’ which is seen in various recharge plans of JIO. Now, what is a ‘Fair Usage Policy’? A FUP is a kind of artificial restriction that is imposed so that the data does not get transferred to any other network. These restrictions are the policies that are imposed upon by the service providers to ensure that the usage of the data and services are limited. FUP is also known as Data Cap or Bandwidth Cap. These FUPs provide fair services to their users.

FUP Full Form

In other words, FUP may also mean that if a user crosses the limit of calling or texting, he/ she will be charged the next minute. For instance, in Reliance–JIO, if an individual has taken a Rs 199 plan then the FUP limit is 300 minutes for calling. After this limit has been finished or crossed, the person will be charged accordingly or will have to get a recharge done (the talk time will be stopped). Not only the calling, but the internet speed is also reduced when the data pack is finished. Having said that, in the Rs 199 plan, a total of 42 GB of data is provided (1.5GB Data per day) in which the speed is 64kbps. This plan is for 28 days wherein the calling is free for JIO to JIO users. If a JIO user calls a Non – JIO user, then he/ she will be charged accordingly (the FUP limit is 1,000 minutes). It is also important to note that, the internet speed, as well as the calling speed, is high in all the plans along with 100 free SMSes. The Fair Usage Policy is subjected to unlimited calling to various other networks. Now, let us look at some of the FUP plans.

Rs. 1852GB data per day i.e. 56 GB, 100 SMS free + unlimited calls28 Days
Rs. 1551 GB per day i.e. 28 GB, unlimited calls + 100 SMS free28 Days
Rs. 125A total of 14 GB is provided, unlimited calls + 300 SMS free28 Days
Rs. 75A total of 3GB is provided followed by unlimited calling and 50 SMS free28 Days

These are some of the plans provided by Reliance–Jio and you can see the FUP provided in each plan. Out of these plans, Rs. 125 plan is the most popular as it is affordable and the FUP provided is also good. In case, someone wants a higher data plan, then they can go with Rs. 155 and Rs. 185 plans which are also beneficial.

Well, there is an interesting point to note i.e. JIO has come up with the latest plan of Rs. 49 wherein, one will receive a total of 2 GB data, unlimited calling, and 25 SMS. This plan is valid for 14 days and the FUP provided is 250 minutes for calling (JIO to Non–JIO). This plan has been released so that people can afford it along with the JIO phone. Reliance–JIO through its plans has won the ‘Mobile War’. Their plans are affordable and within the reach of everyone. There is also a plan of Rs. 69 in which a total of 7 GB data is provided followed by unlimited calling and 250 FUP minutes (JIO to Non–JIO). This plan is also valid for 14 days. According to some reports, Reliance–JIO has a quarterly profit of 504 Crores. The revenue for the same was Rs. 6,897 Crores.

The plans for JIO range from Rs. 399 to Rs. 8,499 in which the maximum FUP limit is 3300GB depending upon the plan. Well, all the plans and the FUP limits are good enough. One has to choose an affordable plan for themselves.

Talking in terms of other networks, BSNL is also one of the best networks in which the FUP limit is 500GB. The FUP speed is said to be 10Mbps and the plans range from Rs. 949 to Rs. 1,499. There are many other networks as well that provide plans and relative FUP limit. One has to choose which network or broadband service they require.

Well, if we closely look at network services, Reliance–JIO is the most beneficial because the plans are affordable, the FUP limit is good and the data provided is also fine. There are many other packs in JIO. Thus, if you need to have affordable plans and good FUP then, you need to choose from the best network service providers.