full form of OTG

What is the full form of OTG

  1. OTG: On-The-GO
full form of OTG

OTG is used in reference to USB, and OTG implies to "On-the-Go."  USB, On the Go, came into existence in 2001. It enables the devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets to act as a host and permits other USB devices like cameras, keyboards, USB flash drives to be connected to them.

full form of OTG

It is a USB (Universal Serial Bus) standard that permits USB devices to be attached or linked. It enables connection and linkage without using a computer, i.e., one can connect a mobile or a telephone to various devices using the USB, OTG link.

full form of OTG

In terms of usage of USB OTG, it easily permits the devices to interchangeably function or shift between the role of a host or the device. For example, a mobile may read as a host from the removable media but then demonstrate as a USB storage device when linked to the Hosting Desktop. So, USB OTG has successfully introduced the idea of the device conducting and playing both the host's roles and the device. Also, whenever two USB devices are attached, and one of the devices is a USB OTG device, they build a communication link. The device or appliance leading or ruling the link is known as the host, while the other is called the peripheral.

full form of OTG

USB OTG outlines two primary roles for the devices implying the side that supplies the power to the link and the side which is the host in the beginning. The two roles are;

1. OTG A Device - it is the power supplier

2. OTG B Device - it is the power consumer.

A device functions as a USB host and B device acts as the USB device or the peripheral in the default configuration. However, the modes, i.e., the host and the Device/peripheral, can be interchanged using the Host Negotiation Protocol (HNP).

OTG is quite famous amongst mobile users as it enables them to utilize their mobile phones as portable computers. It is clearly evident that OTG has emerged due to the enhanced need for communication between gadgets or devices.

This USB OTG permits USB OTG devices to communicate with each other without a desktop. Such as, this enables connecting a digital camera to PDA, Mobile to the printer, but the devices should be compatible with USB OTG.

Subsequently, the roles of the host and peripherals can be switched using either HNP or RSP. Since each OTG controller performs both roles, they are also known as Dual Role controllers in place of OTG controllers.

full form of OTG


USB OTG forms a portion of supplement to USB or the Universal Serial Bus 2.0, which came into existence in late 2001 and then was later reviewed.

The recent version determines the behaviour for Embedded Host, which has specific capabilities and the same USB Standard-A port is utilised by PC's.

SuperSpeed OTG appliances/devices, Embedded Hosts, and peripherals are supported by USB OTG and Embedded Host Supplement to the USB 3.0 criteria.

full form of OTG

Advantages/Usage of USB OTG

There are various advantages or usage of USB OTG, which are:

1.USB OTG permits you to have more control over things only by using a single device, which can be an appliance like allowing smartphone as a host can help you to utilise many peripheral appliances like keyboards, mouse, gamepad, etc.

full form of OTG

There is no restriction on the number of devices one can connect using the USB OTG, thereby giving more strength, power to your appliances. 

2. OTG is helpful while writing a report with a console on the PC or when swapping applications from one mobile phone to another is the slightest possibility.

3. Another advantage of OTG is that there are OTG center points through which you can attach multiple devices with your phone. For example, you can use a tablet or laptop with a mouse and console.

4. Easily link flash drives and external hard drives to the phone and copy music, movies in the phone, or even store images from the phone into the external device without chaos.

5.Play a video game on your phone and using a suitable game controller handset. Even Xbox 360!

6.Control your screen using a keyboard and a mouse.

7.Attach smartphone with printer and print through USB with ease.

8.Manage your DSLR camera and help you to being a more smart, technical, powerful photographer.

9.It helps to Record music on the smartphone from a midi piano keyboard.

10.You can have a better experience by connecting your small mobile screen to the tablet.

2. OTG: Oven Toaster and Grill

full form of OTG

OTG also has another full form, which refers to Oven Toaster and Grill (an appliance).

An Oven, Toaster, Grill is a small-scale edition of a traditional or original oven. It is an electronic appliance that utilises coils, heats them to cook, and serve meals without much setup. The temperature inside the OTG is controlled and managed by the Thermostat, which makes sure that the food is properly cooked.

OTG is an appliance that is the most suited to bake, roast, and grill. It is perfect for baking cakes, grilling chicken or meat, and even for delicious grilled sandwiches or plain toasts.

full form of OTG

The cooking process in OTG involves heating of the coils, and this heat is radiated by the coils, which is then soaked by the food, then the fan present in the appliance disseminates the heat with most of the heat being dispensed directly in the lower portion of the coils. Thus, the food gets cooked. The maximum capacity of OTG is 60 litres, and is a fantastic choice for cooking in large batches. Their large capacity, lightweight, makes it super easy to cook and manage the appliance.

However, it is quite different from a more modern appliance known as a microwave.

full form of OTG

Microwave is a higher version of OTG, as it has many add-on features apart from heating and boiling. Microwave is said to cook foods in less time in comparison to OTG, though instead of coils, electromagnetic waves aid in cooking the food. The waves heat the water molecules or particles present in the cook and then cook it; the rotating plate in the microwave ensures consistent and even cooking. Due to its extra facilities, it is most expensive than an OTG.

Depending on one’s budget and choice, one can opt for microwave or OTG, both serve their purpose effectively.