Full Form of ICMR

ICMR Full Form

What is ICMR? What is the full form of ICMR? Many of us don’t know the meaning of ICMR unless one is a medical student or a scientist. Well, the abbreviation ICMR stands for Indian Council of Medical Research. This medical research centre is in New Delhi and is the apex body that is responsible for the formulation and coordination of biomedical research. This research body is one of the oldest institutions/ medical bodies in the world.

Over some time, it is seen that the ICMR has adjusted and addressed itself to the growing changes and demands in the scientific field. ICMR has aimed at finding solutions to the health problems and the pandemic going on in the country. ICMR was earlier known as IRFA (Indian Research Fund Association) having particular health targets and there is no doubt that ICMR has achieved many scientific advances and health solutions.

Full Form ICMR

 Now, let us look at a brief history of the Indian Council of Medical Research.

  1. IRFA (Indian Research Fund Association) was changed to ICMR. The Government of India helps in funding this research institution so that medical research is carried smoothly. The Department of Health Research and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare help the Government in funding the ICMR.
  2. In the year 1948, the secretary of IRFA (now ICMR) was Dr. C.G Pandit.
  3. The first research unit was appointed by the Indian Cancer Research Centre. This unit aimed at attaining clinical research for the students who wished to pursue medicine as a career.
  4. The ICMR/ IRFA also served the function of the National Nutrition Committee in India.
  5. Students were trained for nutrition in the year 1937. A proper diet chart was maintained for the patients who suffered from malnutrition or other ailments.
  6. In the Independence Era, Malaria spread like an epidemic and that is why the IRFA was set up. The ‘Malaria Survey of India’ was launched. This was later changed to ‘Malaria Institute of India’ wherein the patients suffering from Malaria were offered treatment. At the same point in time, samples were taken to research and come up with the medication for the ailment.

These are some of the major historical points that play a big role in what ICMR is today. The research centres were set up in 1920, which is continuing till now. Now, let us look at some of the major activities that ICMR has fulfilled over the years.

  • ICMR promotes intramural and extramural research in the field of biomedical.
  • The intramural research focuses on healing the patients who have:
  • Cholera
  • Leprosy
  • Tuberculosis
  • Diarrhea
  • AIDS
  • Malaria
  • Malnutrition
  • Reproduction
  • Research centres are set up in many regions to find solutions to the health problems going on in that particular region.
  • Many colleges and departments have advanced research centres wherein students use their knowledge practically.

These are some of the major activities which have been fulfilled by ICMR. These were undertaken by the ICMR to provide solutions to various ailments that people suffer from. Apart from undertaking research activities, ICMR also plays a major role in human resource development. This development is done by launching student fellowships, internships, research studentships, and training programs. This motivates and encourages the students to take part in them and make a good career out of it. There are many ICMR research facilities in India. Let us take a look at some of them.

  • NIN (National Institute of Nutrition), Hyderabad
  • NARF-BR (National Animal Resource Facility for Biomedical Research), Hyderabad
  • National Institute of Epidemiology, Chennai
  • National Institution of Cancer Prevention and Research, Noida
  • National Institute of Traditional Medicine, Belgaum    
  • MCC (Microbial Containment Complex), Pune
  • NIMS (National Institute of Medical Sciences), Delhi
  • Genetics Research Centre, Mumbai

These are some of the centres that researched various ailments. ICMR has played a major role in providing medications to patients suffering from various fatal ailments. In terms of academics, ICMR had set up several research institutes so that the students can practically apply their knowledge. Thus, ICMR is one such research institute that has served the people for over 80 years (or more).