Full Form of DRDO

Full Form of DRDO

Do you know that the development and advancement of our Defence services rely on the shoulders of the DRDO organization. Let’s see what does DRDO stands for.

The abbreviation DRDO stands for Defence Research and Development Organisation.

Full Form of DRDO

This tutorial will briefly cover about the overview, locations, vision, mission and other detailed information related to DRDO.

Topics Covered:

  1. What is DRDO?
  2. History of DRDO
  3. Primary focuses of DRDO
  4. Key activities of DRDO
  5. Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ’s

What is DRDO?

DRDO or Defence Research and Development Organisation is the R&D wing of the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, with a vision of empowering India with advanced security, Defence technologies and practices and mission of designing, developing and administering the production of weapon systems, missiles and security-related technologies for the advancement of our nation's Defence Services.”

DRDO is an extensive network of 50 plus laboratories scattered all around India. It plays a significant role in strengthening defence and security technologies, including different fields, unlike aeronautics, armaments, electronics, battle vehicles, combat machines, engineering operations, bullets, missiles, high-tech computing, advanced simulation, distinctive materials, aquatic systems, life sciences, coaching, information systems, instrumentation, and agriculture. DRDO has catered to India with several crucial projects and earned significant achievements by introducing advanced missiles, armaments, lightweight battle aircraft, electronic radars, advanced computing and & Simulation, warfare systems, life science etc.

The headquarter of DRDO is situated in the capital, i.e., New Delhi, India, and it falls under the management of the Ministry of Defence, Indian Government. Presently 5000+ researchers and approximately 25,000+ scientific, training, and research resources assist DRDO with its day-to-day functions and responsibilities. DRDO has been successfully discovered by technologies, and have achieved many milestones unlike extended weapons programs, missiles, lightweight aircraft, radars, electronic warfare systems, etc.,

The overviews of DRDO are as follows:

Formed in1958
HeadquartersDRDO Bhavan, New Delhi
Motto????? ???? ?????????
"Strength's Origin is in Knowledge
Employees Strength30,000 (5,000 scientists)
Annual budget14,818.74 crore (In Indian rupee)
Minister responsibleRajnath Singh, Minister of Defence (in 2021)  
Parent agencyMinistry of Defence
VisionEmpowering India with advanced security, Defence technologies and practices.
MissionDesign, develop and administers the production of weapon systems, missiles and security-related technologies for the advancement of our Defence Services.Promote the safety of our soldiersRender technological solutions to optimize combat effectiveness.Develop and design high-tech infrastructure by rendering quality manpower to create a powerful innate technology base.  

History of DRDO

DRDO was established in 1958 from the merger of two Indian development organizations, i.e., TDEs (Technical Development Establishment) and DTDP (Directorate of Technical Development & Production), with the Defence Science Organisation (DSO). At that time, DRDO was a small organization introduced with ten laboratories. With time & development, DRDO proved its worth through its achievements and stature and has grown multi-directionally.

Primary focuses of DRDO

DRDO endeavors to make India economically strong and coupled with a strong military base.  It distributes the knowledge of advanced science and technology base. Thus, constantly replenishing the nation with excellent Defence Services' with their decisive edge, world-lass policies and solutions. The primary vision of DRDO is as follows:

  1. DRDO intends to enhance self-trust in Defence Systems and endeavors constantly towards the development, growth and design of the nation's security and science base.
  2. DRDO renders in the production of top-notch combat weapons and devices as per the demand and criteria set by the three Indian security forces, i.e., Navy, Army, and Air Force.
  3. DRDO consists of a wide network of laboratories devoted to the advancement of defensive technology and various areas of military fields, unlike combat vehicles, missiles, weapons, aeronautics, sensors, electronic radars, advanced computing and & Simulation, warfare systems, life science etc.

Key activities of DRDO

Full Form of DRDO

DRDO has a steady determination to create a strong and self-reliant India by strengthen the nation's science and technology, particularly in military and security technologies. The activities and functions performed by DRDO are as follows:

  1. The primary function of DRDO officers is to research and advice Raksha Mantri and its ministry more regarding the impact on India's security of budding technological advancements.
  2. DRDO also contributes its supervision to all research fields, unlike missiles, weapons, weapons practices, military pursuits, Raksha Mantri, etc.
  3. DRDO administers scientific analysis and development ventures in certain national security-related domains.
  4. They conduct and manage the DRDO offices, maintain their laboratories, buildings, ranges, projects, and other associated services.
  5. DRDO officers also acquire and analyze all weapon operations & related technology submitted for purchase by India's Defence Ministry.
  6. DRDO renders economic and additional technical assistance to various government institutions or universities to research and train faculty in national security and related engineering sectors.

Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ’s

Question 1: Where are the DRDO labs located?

Answer: DRDO labs are scattered across India, whereas the headquarters of DRDO is located in New Delhi, India.

Question 2: How can one become a scientist in DRDO?

Answer: DRDO has its 'Recruitment and Assessment Centre', which is also known as RAC for recruiting the Scientists for Group 'A' Group 'B' and Group' C' Cadre.

Question 3: Does the candidate needs any experience to be a scientist in DRDO?

Answer: The candidate does not need any experience to apply for Group 'B's post (entry-level), but to apply for Group 'A' jobs, experience is needed( as per guidelines).