Full Form of CSIR

Full Form of CSIR- Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

CSIR is the abbreviated form of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. CSIR was established in September 1942 by the Government of India; it is an independent body that has appeared as one of the most prominent research anddevelopment organisations in India.

This organisation is funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and as of 2013, this organisation has 38 laboratories, 3 innovation centres, collective staff of more than 14000 with approx. 5000 scientists and 8000 personnel.

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research includes various activities of research and development like aerospace engineering, ocean sciences, metallurgy, mining, food, leather, environmental science, etc.

CSIR Full Form

As of 2018, Shekhar C Mande is the Director-General of CSIR cum Secretary DSIR. Also, as of 2019, the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, is the president of CSIR, and the Vice President of CSIR is Dr. Harsh Vardhan.

Coming to Intellectual property, CSIR has 3000 patents internationally and approximately 1600 in India. At the same time, more than 14000 patents have been in force since CSIR’s beginning. CSIR has also been accredited with awards like National Intellectual Property in the category of Research and Development Organisation for Patent and commercialisation.

CSIR has also been involved in many developments of technologies, knowledge since the last decade of the 20th century.

Organisational Structure of CSIR

The organisational structure of CSIR or Council of Scientific and Industrial Research is as follow;

President: Prime Minister (Ex- Officio)

Vice President: Minister of Science and Technology, India (Ex- Officio)

Governing Body: The governing body consists of the Director-General, who is the head of the governing body. The other member includes the Finance secretary. The term of other members is three years.

CSIR Advisory Board- The board consists of 15 members; these are prestigious members that belong to various fields of science and technology. This board has the primary responsibility or function to serve S & T inputs to the governing body; the term of these members is also three years.

CSIR Full Form


CSIR has been incredible in terms of achievements, some of the achievements of CSIR include;

  • CSIR developed first India’s synthetic drug, named as methaqualone, in the year 1950.
  • CSIR also developed Optical Glass for defence purposes and even developed the first Indian tractor named Swaraj in 1967.
  • The first drug for the screening of cancer in humans was also developed by CSIR.
  • Some other contributions include the invention of the family planning pill, named Saheli, and other non – steroidal pills for asthma.
  • Inventions like the first-ever parallel processing computer, 14 seater plane SARAS; Modern molecular distillation technology, sequencing of the Human Genome also fall in the lap of CSIR.
  • These are just some of the developments, achievements, research activities of CSIR; there have been more contributions, in fact, massive and enormous contributions by CSIR.

Objectives of CSIR

There are various objectives of CSIR, which are of national importance;

The activities include;

  • CSIR has the objective of promoting, guiding, and coordinating the scientific and industrial research in India and it includes the organisation and the finance management of specific researchers.
  • Another objective of CSIR includes setting up as well as assisting to various particular institutionssectors or departments of current institutions for the scientific study of the issues or concerns that are affecting specific or certain industries and trade.
  • Establishment and serving the students with research studentship and fellowships.
  • One of the objectives also includes the payment of a share of royalties that arises from the development of results of research to those people that have considerably contributed towards the research and development.
  • Another crucial objective includes setting up, maintaining, and even managing laboratories, workshops, organisations that are utilised for research either on a scientific or industrial basis.
  • CSIR also has an activity of collecting and distributing of the information that is in regard of not only research but also of the industrial concern.
  • CSIR also has the activity of publishing the scientific papers and journals of research and development.
CSIR Full Form

Vision and Strategy- 2022

The strategy for the year 2022 for CSIR has been set as” to pursue the science that aims or seeks for the universal impact; the technology that allows the industry that is driven by innovation and even nurturing trans disciplinary leadership by accelerating economic development for the citizens of India.


Some of the incredible awards of CSIR are;

Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar or SSB Award in the field of Science and Technology. This award is named after the founder of the Director of CSIR- Late Dr. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar.

Dr. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar, the founder-director of CSIR, is known for setting up twelve laboratories nationally. He has always played a significant role in building and developing Science and Technology and well as the making of policies in these respective fields. He has been the chairman of UGC or the University Grants Commission.

Recognitions at Global Level

CSIR, or Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, is recognised as one of the prominent International leaders in the creation of knowledge.

  • As per Scimago Institutions Ranking 2019 Report, CSIR takes the 17th rank in the world in the list of all the government organisations in the world.
  • Amongst other publicly funded organisations, CSIR is a leader and well known for filing and securing patents around the world.
  • On an average, CSIR files for approximately 200 Indian and 250 foreign patents in a single year, and CSIR is also granter approximately 90% of the US patents in comparison to other Research and Development Organisation.
  • Around 13% of these patents of CSIR are licensed, which is quite above the average at a global level.

List of Some Important CSIR Labs

There are several CSIR labs throughout the country; some of the crucial ones are;

  • CSIR- Advanced Material and Processes Research Institute, Bhopal; Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow;
  • CSIR- Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, Delhi;
  • Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun; National Physical Laboratory, Delhi; CSIR National Institute of Oceanography, Goa;
  • National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow;           
  • CSIR, Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai and so on.