Full Form of MCA

MCA Full Form

Many of us go for several degrees that provide us with good job opportunities and individual development. There are many courses available from which we can choose to make a promising career out of it. One such course is MCA. Now, you must be wondering what is MCA? Well, MCA stands for Masters in Computer Applications. This course is aimed at inculcating software skills among students. With good software skills, students can apply in the IT sectors.

Students also learn various programming languages in this course. As this is a master’s course, students can expect training and learning of a master’s level. The course is for three years wherein the last semester is fully dedicated to industrial training. All in all, this course is a mixture of both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Full Form of MCA

Well, it is interesting to note that the MCA course can be cracked through various entrance exams. These entrance exams include:

  • CMAT

Through these entrance exams, students can get qualified for the course. The admission is merit-based and entrance-based. Well, for the merit-based exam, the individuals need to give the above-mentioned exams to qualify for the course. The entrance-based exam is taken by several colleges. The private colleges majorly take such exams. The academic fee for the course ranges from Rs. 30,000/- to Rs. 50,000/-. Well, this ratio depends upon the colleges/ universities. Private colleges demand higher course fees as compared to government colleges.

Now, you must be wondering that what are the job options after MCA? You can be a programmer, a software developer, a troubleshooter, a technical content writer, a web designer, a hardware engineer, an app developer, and much more. Let us talk about some of the job options in detail.

  1. Ethical Hacker:

An Ethical Hacker is responsible for accessing the computer system/ network so that the confidential information of an agency does not into the wrong hands. Many government ministries and agencies employ such ethical hackers.

  • Business Analyst:

The job of a business analyst is to guide the individuals who want to begin their own business. These analysts guide and train people thereby, telling them the potential risks and profits that their business can yield. Private companies employ business analysts so that they can know the profits and losses incurred by the company over a year.

  • Technical Content Writers:

A technical content writer writes about the technicalities associated with a particular product and provides necessary or immediate solutions to the readers.  

These are some additional career options for individuals after completing the MCA degree. There are a variety of job options to choose from. The starting package with these jobs is 3LPA to 5LPA. The package highly depends upon the software skills that an individual has inherited. Any student irrespective of the stream (science, commerce, and engineering) can apply for this course.

Now, let us talk about the eligibility criterion to apply for this course. To apply for this course, an individual must complete BCA, B.Com, or any other undergraduate degree from a recognized board. Apart from this, the candidate must possess 50% marks in the entrance examinations listed above. Well, it is interesting to know that the candidates can apply for the MCA course even if they are in the final year of their undergraduate degree. Moreover, the candidate must have mathematics as a subject in the 12th standard.

MCA, MBA, etc are some of the best career options that result in good career growth and job opportunities. The candidates who have completed their MCA degree can have a job in either government or private companies. Some of the government companies such as BHEL, GAIL, etc recruit the MCA graduates. Private companies like HCL, Wipro, TCS, HP, etc also recruit MCA graduates. The starting package offered by the private companies is better as compared to the government companies.

Well, apart from Masters in Computer Applications, MCA also stands for Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs is responsible for managing the corporate affairs of India. This ministry was set up as per the Company Act of 1956 along with minor acts and bills. The industrial sector is stabilized by this ministry. The officers who are responsible for serving the ministry are selected through the Civil Services Examinations. The DGCoA is the highest post under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Currently, Nirmala Sitaraman is serving the ministry. There are autonomous, professional, and statutory bodies of this ministry. These bodies function independently but the final call is with the head office i.e. the MCA.

Well, these are two full forms of MCA. MCA as a course is important for individuals as the course provides good career growth and job opportunities. This course also helps the students in inculcating several software skills. On the other hand, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs is a government body that is responsible for solving the corporate affairs of India. The industrial sector is also taken care of by this agency. Thus, both the terms are equally important.