Full Form of TRP

Full Form of TRP: In today’s entertainment era, if you watch any TV program, you must be familiar with the term TRP. You might have heard people saying that the TRP of any particular TV program is high, whereas that of the other programs is low. But do you know what the full form of TRP is.

The abbreviation TRP stands for ‘Television Rating Point’.

This tutorial will briefly cover the definition, methods to determine TRP, how TRP effects Income, how do channel owners earn From TRP and other detailed information related to TRP or Television Rating Point.

What is TRP?

TRP or Television Rating Point or Target Rating Point is a metric used in advertising and branding, which indicates the popularity of a particular TV show. It is used to estimate the viewership and the program's popularity.

TRP is an index of the people's selection and measures the fame of the particular show. It determines how many individuals are watching any particular TV show or advertisement. It provides the report on whether the particular television program is being loved by the audience or not. A program with more leading TRP means that a large number of the audience watches the show. Thus, the highly-rated programs in TRP are often used as a source for advertisements and campaigns. Their content is profitable for the advertisers because they put their commercials during the shows with higher TRPs. TRP can be determined using a tool known as a people meter connected to the television set for estimating purposes in a few thousand viewers' homes. Such values are seen as surveys of TV proprietors in different demographic and geographic fields.

Methods to Determine TRP

There are two techniques to measure the TRP value.

  1. Picture Matching Method

With this system's help, the people meter records the tiny portion of the picture being watched on a specific TV set. The information is gathered from the survey residences in the form of pictures and later on is used for national TRP calculation.

  • Frequency Monitoring Technique

In this method, a device called People's meter is attached to the television, which calculates the time and programs a viewer watches on a particular day. These collected figures are reviewed as a sample for the overall TV owners located in various geographical and demographic areas. The average is taken over 30 days, which provides viewership status with numbers for a specific channel.

Though both the methods are popular in TRP measuring, the Pitcher matching method generates more accurate results than measuring frequencies.

How TRP effects Income

TRP is a leading factor that concludes and affects the income of TV channel owners. Any significant fluctuations in TRP of any TV channel, lower or some higher, directly impacts the revenue source. Therefore if the TRP increases, the revenue source increases, and if the TRP rating goes down, the income source also decreases.

How do Channels earn From TRP?

Do you know that the source of 80% of the income of any TV channel is drawn through advertisements. In today's era, advertisements play the leading part as income for TV channels with highly rated TRP. The advertisements for different products and services are displayed between the show breaks of one to two minutes. To promote products or increase branding awareness through advertisements, the companies must pay a precise amount of money to the respective channel owners.

There is a meaningful association of advertisers with TRP. The idea is that the channel shows that are measured with more rated TRP, charge more money from the advertisers to display the audience their advertisement content in the middle of the show breaks.

As you know, these firms pay the right amount of money to the channel owners for displaying their advertisements in leading programs or shows (generally one with highly rated TRPs). The primary purpose of these companies' advertisements is to increase public awareness so that they should feel comfortable buying it whenever they see the product in the market. Hence with this process, the TV channel owners earn a handsome income.

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ’s

Question 1: How does the set-top box help in analyzing TRP?

Answer: For measuring TRP Rating Points, the television set is connected with a set-top box. Further, the set-top box is linked with a TRP device for analyzing TRP or people meter. Today set-top boxes are installed in most homes, even the ones located in a remote area. Thereby, the TRP report of the channel is also becoming accurate.