Full Form of Lol

The complete abbreviation of LOL is Laugh Out Loud or Laughing out Loud. On social networking sites, this is the most famous and frequently used slang when talking with friends. Whenever someone learns a hilarious and incredible thing, they use LOL, and if he/she tries to laugh too hard, they utilize it. When one of your mates posts a joke or humorous clips with you, this is most likely to be used. People use emoji rather than LOL often. It uses several other replacements, such as OK, OMG, etc. And so it's become quite common.

Where to make use of LOL

The usage of LOL is all over the Internet in speech.

It's usually found on social media sites. If a person sees something amusing when talking, he/she uses LOL to point out that they laughed loudly.

Thoughts and feelings and Smiley's are often used to signify the laughter scenario.

LOL - Lord of Light (science fiction)

LOL's Full-Form applies to the Lord of light. It's a speculative fantasy novel by the American author Roger Zelazny that won the 1968 Hugo Prize for Excellence Novelist. It was nominated for the analogous category of "Nebula Award'.

The Journal of Science Fantasy published two Lords of Light stories as novelettes in 1967. (a short novel). The book was supposed to be a fictional science fantasy with a specific degree of uncertainty.

The storyline is a million worlds that a few more Earth has ruled over remains or 'vanished Wrath.'

The settlers and crew of the 'Star of India' spacecraft find themselves in an extraordinary world, surrounded by enemies of humanoid races.

In a novel, what does LOL mean?

Roar with happiness: In electronic communications, LOL is among the most commonly known slang words. Lol is usually used to convey grinning or mild entertainment because it aims to scream with laughter.

What's the model for LOL?

A LOL case is the aspect you send when someone sends you creative stuff, transmitted to the text or cell phone, in a post. The sense of lol is an acronym used on the "loads of expression" web—a case of lol, the way you'd give a buddy or family member a text message.

LOL abbreviation - Legend of Legaia (video game)

The Legend of Legaia refers to LOL. In 1998, Contrail developed the gaming Legend of Legaia, followed in 2001 by a sequel video game.

The cloud formation was the Japanese creator of Sony Computer Media video games.

Within the 'Legaia' universe inhabited by artifacts called 'Seru' and people, the entire game will occur.

The artifacts unite humans. Both Seru and humans coexist until the effects of a cloud surrounding the Earth, Seru transforms into a beast. Seru assaults people, which is where the game starts.

Vahn, a silent hero; Gala, a brave priest; and Noa, a wild child; resurrect 10 Genesis Tress by Legaia and strive to eliminate the world's largest mist.

LOL - Locks of love (NGO)

LOL applies to Locks of Passion. In Canada and the US, it is a non-profit, public charity that delivers hairstyles to economically disadvantaged children under the age of 21 who struggle from baldness due to a medical or physical disability.

Via recycling used hair, Locks of Love supports children with specific special needs and develops high-quality cranial prostheses or hair prosthetics.

The children who benefit from LOL have a kind of medical disorder called alopecia aerate, which has no apparent cause, nor is there a solution.

The skin implant system has helped many kids restore their trust and self-esteem to address their small worlds with peers. To donate fur, the agency has some donation requirements to be followed. There are also a few barbers at their windows and doors bearing Locks of Love Sticker and part of the national chain.