What is OPD, Full Form of OPD?

Full Form of OPD

This tutorial will cover regarding the different full forms of OPD including their meanings, types, benefits, and other detailed information.

1OPDOutpatient Department
2OPDOptical Path Difference
3OPDOriginal Pack Dispensing
4OPDOverfill Protection Device
5OPDOcean Physics Department  
6OPDOffice of Public Defense
7OPDOver Pressure Device  
8OPDOnce Per Day  
  1. OPD: Outpatient Department

The full form of the abbreviation OPD is Outpatient Department.

What is OPD?

An OPD or Outpatient Department is an essential part of the hospital or a clinic premeditated to be the initial point of contact between the patient and the doctor (or the hospital staff). Any patient who visits the hospital for the first time with a health problem directly goes to OPD, and afterward, the OPD staff determines to which unit a respective patient should go.

An OPD is usually located on the ground floor of every hospital or clinic. It is divided into various departments such as Neurology, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Oncology, General Medicine, and many more. The patient completes the registration process and all the paperwork over here before going to their specialized department. The fees of the OPD may vary depending upon the hospital and the medication department.

There are two types of patient visiting OPD:

  1. Outpatient: It refers to the patient who is not hospitalized but visits the hospital or clinic for diagnosis, medical tests, or treatments.
  2. Inpatient: It refers to the patient who is hospitalized for more than 24 hours, several days, a week, or even a month.

Benefits of OPD

  1. OPD ascertains as a significant part of the hospital and is very helpful for patients.
  2. OPD determines which department the patient should visit after analyzing the patients’ condition.
  3. OPD is responsible for sending the patients suffering from critical accidents or serious illness for further procedure or treatment.
  4. OPD has a limit to treat limited patients in any hospital.
  5. OPD is very helpful for patients whose condition or health is not critical, and they can instantly return home after medication with OPD.
  6. OPD acts as an alternative personal treatment, which induces cleanliness and sterility in the hospital environment.
  1. OPD: Optical Path Difference

The full form of the abbreviation OPD is Optical Path Difference.

What is Optical Path Difference?

Optical Path Difference (also known as optical path length) or OPD is the product of the path's geometric length (accompanied by light through the specified system) and the refractive index of the light-medium via which it diffuses.

  1. OPD: Once Per Day

The full form of the abbreviation OPD is Once Per Day.

What is Once Per Day?

One Per Desk, or OPD, was an innovative terminal-based hybrid PC or telecommunications on the Sinclair QL hardware. The One Per Desk was developed in the UK in 1984 by ICL (International Computers Limited).

  1. OPD: Over Pressure Device

The full form of the abbreviation OPD is Over Pressure Device.

What is Over Pressure Device?

The overpressure protection device or OPD is a device that defends the downstream piping from an explosive pressure build-up if the regulator breaks.”

  • OPD: Office of Public Defense

The full form of the abbreviation OPD is Office of Public Defense.

What is meant by Office of Public Defense?

The Office of Public Defense (OPD) role is to perform the legal and statutory guarantees of counsel. It guarantees the productivity and streamlined delivery of poverty-stricken defense services backed by the state.

  • OPD: Ocean Physics Department

The full form of the abbreviation OPD is Ocean Physics Department.

What is meant by Ocean Physics Department?

Ocean Physics Department or OPD is the group of people who handle the ocean's physical and biological aspects. It includes ocean currents, waves, geophysical liquid dynamics, plate tectonics, and the seafloor's geology.

  • OPD: Overfill Protection Device

The full form of the abbreviation OPD is Overfill Protection Device.

What is the meant by Overfill Protection Device?

Overfill Protection Device or OPD is a device that was developed to accommodate an automatic means. OPD device helps to prevent the contents of a container from exceeding a predetermined level.

  • OPD: Original Pack Dispensing

The full form of the abbreviation OPD is Original Pack Dispensing.

What is the Original Pack Dispensing?

Original Pack Dispensing or OPD refers to giving medicines from the original packaging. OPD is designed to help individuals who may find it challenging to adhere to their medicines.