Full Form of VIP

Full Form of VIP

VIP- Very Important Person

The full form of VIP is a very important person or personage. A VIP is a person who has unique entitlement or advantage because of his significance, influence, or reputation in society. Some examples of VIPs arepoliticians, celebrities, head of government, moneyed individual, high-level corporateofficersor person of the society who get exceptional attention for some purpose.

Basically, a millionaire or a billionaire automatically gets more importance than others who are not.  The VIP word came in 1930 after World War II by RAF pilots.To hide their names from enemy spies, each of them was mentioned as a VIP in the plan; before this, it was not familiar. Preferential treatment means that VIPs will be given superior products or services.

The exceptional attention primarily implicates a higher level of support or consolation and disconnection from ordinary people. In some places, such as with tickets, ordinary people show respect to VIPs by offering them tickets for a premium or exclusive class. A VIP ticket is offered to anyone, but it still means disconnection from ordinary people and getting VIP attention. Also, VIP ticket is costly so rich people can afford such privilege. There are particular areas, determine that it's the VIP area, where ordinary people are not permitted to pass.

Iftalking about protection, VIPs mostly have their personal bodyguard, and in the case of military or politician affiliates, bodyguards may be allotted to them.Nevertheless, people say that all are equal and urgefor equality, but the truth is that all are not equal; many are moreimportant than others, and this is called biasedness.

Sometimes, the word VVIP is also used, which means veryvery important person. This term is used for VIPs with very high rank or rich people who can purchase VIP service or treatment to differentiate customers with high demand. VIPs are given more attention than an ordinary person while VVIPs are given more attention than a VIP. Even in tickets and packages, VVIP tickets are more costly than VIP tickets.   

How to become a VIP?

Today everyone wants to get respect in society; for this, they want to become VIPs. For becoming VIP, there are many ways:-

  • By getting a government job on a well-known post, people will get respect and special entitlement.  
  • By doing many commendable works like social services and religious work. This will make a place in people's minds and help them to get in touch with new people on social service, which will help to learn more and get VIP status and respect. 
  • By becoming an actor, singer, member of a music band, etc. Celebrities get a lot of attention, and they are the most popular personality in the world for their hardworking and get special treatment everywhere.
  • By becoming a politician and work for the people of their respective nation. This will help in getting recognized and will get VIP status.

In this way, there are many tasks or work by which a person can get VIP status and get known with a different identity.