Full Form of BCA

Full Form of BCA: Computers and their applications have shaped the world and have shown us the power of digitalization. With time, the world needs more & more human resources to generate more ideas and technical output. BCA is one of the options to seek computer expertise.

The full form of the abbreviation BCA is Bachelors in Computer Application.

This tutorial will briefly cover the meaning, eligibility criteria to take admission in BCA, BCA syllabus, and other detailed information related to BCA or Bachelors in Computer Application.

What is BCA?

BCA or Bachelors in Computer Application is a three-year degree undergraduate degree for students who desire to pursue their career in the world of programming language and computer technologies.

BCA is the most popular undergraduate program for commencing a professional career in computer technologies. A BCA degree is an alternative to B.Tech or B.E degree in Computer Science or IT. This course is pursued by students interested in computer application and information technology who wants to pursue an advanced career in computer science, software development, and related fields. Even a non-math candidate with sound knowledge of computer base can also go for this course.

BCA Objectives

The BCA course endeavors to achieve the given below objectives:

  1. BCA is a three-year undergraduate program aiming to provide sound knowledge in significant fields of computer applications.
  2. BCA course offers professional learning and training in software development.
  3. BCA provides practical expertise to solve critical computer applications or Information Technology problems.
  4. BCA develops the coding skills as per new age requirements. 

BCA Syllabus

The BCA syllabus contains the following during the period of their 6 semesters:

  • Programming in C Language (Basic and Advanced),
  • Networking
  • World-Wide-Web
  • Data Structure
  • Advanced C Language Programming
  • Database Management
  • Mathematics
  • Software Engineering
  • Object Oriented Programming using C++,
  • Visual Basic
  • Programming using PHP
  • JAVA
  • Oracle
  • Operating Systems
  • Web Scripting and Development,
  • Project Work ( Banking & Finance , Cost Analysis , Financial Analysis ,Payroll , EDP ,ERP etc.)
  • Introduction to SysPro
  • Mathematical Foundation of Computer Sciences

Eligibility Criteria for BCA Course

  1. Students must have passed the 12th-grade examination from any board, or they must be qualified from a reputed university of diploma course (two or three-year term).
  2. BCA can also be pursued by students from a commerce or art background.
  3. Several good BCA colleges or universities also conduct their entrance examination test to select eligible students.

BCA Job opportunity

The IT enterprise is progressing rapidly. Thereby the need for BCA graduates has increased with time.  There are ample promising employment opportunities in IT firms, unlike Google, Wipro, Infosys, TCS, Oracle, IBM, etc., for BCA degree holders with strong technical uphold.

Professionals for their IT departments who have mastery in computer applications are required not only for private jobs but also for government vacancies, unlike Indian Air Force (IAF), the Indian Army, and the Indian Navy.

BCA Career Prospects

The rise of the IT industry has expanded the demand for Computer Science and Engineering/IT, professionals worldwide. Some of the most hired designations offered in the IT corporate world are as follows:

  1. System engineer: The role of a software engineer is to design, develop, test, and debug softwares and its applications.
  2. Programmer: A programmer's role is to write codes and generate bug-free logic for any software or software program.
  3. Web developer: The developer's role is to design and develop World Wide Web applications available on the internet. They build and maintain websites.
  4. System Administrator: An administrator's role is to set up, manage and sustain the computer system or server.
  5. Data analyst: A data analyst's job is to organize and manage data for the benefit of the company and data researching.