Full Form of HR

HR Full Form

The employees of the company are the assets to the company. The employees are the invaluable resources through which the company yields profits. The full form of HR is Human Resources. This is a term that is used for specifying the work-force of the organization. Human Resource is also considered as the business division in which certain programs are listed like screening, recruiting, training, etc.   

Now, who recruits the candidates under the HR department? The Manager of the company recruits the work-force of the organization. The manager who recruits the candidates is called the HR Manager. Well, it is interesting to note that the HRM i.e. the Human Resources Management is the primary or the most important department in the company.

Full Form of HR

Now, let us see some of the functions of HR.

  • An HR is responsible for hiring the work-force in an organization.
  • Through incentives and promotions, HR motivates the employees.
  • The HR is also responsible for training the candidates thereby contributing to the development of the individuals.
  • If an individual has a problem regarding anything in the company, he/ she can contact HR. The HR will counsel and handle the problem.

In other terms, the HR department is responsible for managing and maintaining the life cycle of an employee (recruiting, training, onboarding, etc.).

Now, you must be wondering how one gets employed in the company. Well, one has to undergo an HR interview. In this interview round, the strength and the personality of an individual are tested. Apart from that the capability to handle certain situations is also tested in this job. HR interview can be a stressful interview as many stressful situations are provided by the recruiters. If the recruiters feel that you are fit for the job; you get it. But one has to be prepared if he/ she wants to clear this round. HR has five main roles to play. These roles are:

  • Ensuring workplace safety
  • HR Compliance
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Talent Management
  • Training and developing the candidates

The staff working under the HR department has to fulfill these five roles. Apart from the roles, there are certain responsibilities that they have. In addition to the above-mentioned functions, the other responsibilities include:

  1. Recruiting the candidates who fit in the desired role provided to them.
  2. Setting up policies and updating them from time to time. This will be beneficial for the individuals as well as the company.
  3. Providing rewards and appraisal to the individual from time to time so that they are motivated to work in a positive environment.
  4. Retaining the employees of the company and ensuring that they feel safe in the working conditions of the company.
  5. Training the employees which will result in individual development.

These are some of the additional functions of an HR. An HR plays an important role in the development and reinforcement of the laws and policies of the company. An HR is capable of changing the culture of an organization. The roles and functions of an HR are already listed above. Being an HR is a difficult task as maintaining a good workplace environment and changing the culture is not easy. An HR has to perform many roles and has many responsibilities upon him/ her. Human Resources can be considered as the heart of the company. Taking care of the employee needs is the primary task of HR. They also make sure that the work is carried out smoothly and efficiently.

In terms of the academic field, if one studies HR; then he/ she can apply for any job. There is job diversity in HR. There are many skills that you can acquire i.e. multi-tasking, administration, reporting, communication, and much more. MBA is one such course in which HR is the main subject. In terms of job, the Chief HR Officer is the highest position in the HR department. Rest all others work under the Chief HR Officer.

Well, it is important to note that HR has many roles and responsibilities to fulfill. Out of the roles, ensuring employee safety is the primary role of HR. Whenever a problem arises in the company; HR has the responsibility of sorting it out. HR has to ensure that the working conditions are positive. Thus, HR has many roles to play which makes them the heart of the company.