Full Form of PUC

Full Form of PUC

PUC have three main full forms

1.      Pollution Under Control

2.      Pre-University Course

3.      Personal Unlock Code

Pollution Under Control

Pollution under control is a not polluting vehicle mark, which is obligatory certification mark under the Central Motor vehicle rule, 1989. These days everyone has their own vehicles and which are causing extreme pollution. Seeing this, government constructed this actto acquire the pollution under control certificate. PUC certificate is given to vehicle owners after succeeding inPUC test. Pollution under control certificate is an acceptance that pollution is under control as per the pollutions norms. It permit to use the vehicle legitimate on the road. It is an essential document that is required to be renewed after 6 months.

Validity of PUC Certificate

PUC certificate is important to carry while driving. PUC certificate is valid only for six months, that means vehicle owners have to get their vehicle test twice in a year. If it is a new vehicle, then PUC certificate is issued which is valid for 1 year from the date of registration, and after that PUC test is required.

Cost of PUC Test

PUC tests are pocket friendly which means it’s not expensive. The rate of the test is assorted between Rs.60 and RS.100 depends on the motor vehicle and the fuel type. PUC test is conducted at any authorized petrol pump or independent testing centers.

Certificate contains following information

·         Serial number of the certificate

·         Date of test

·         Date of expiry of the certificate

·         License plate number of the vehicle

  • The PUC test reading

Importance of PUC Certificate

The vehicles release smoke which pollutes the environment, so a test is conducted to ascertain whether the vehicle is polluting or not. PUC certificate is mandatory to be kept when the owner of a vehicle is driving and should also ensure PUC certificate does not expire because a policemen can interrogate anytime and if it is not, a penalty will be charged. Therefore, being a responsible citizen of India, follow the guidelines and save the environment.


If a person is not carrying a PUC certificate, he/she has to pay a fine under section 190 (2)of the motor vehicle act. Fine of Rs.1000/- will be charged for the first time and Rs.2000/- for next time.

 2.    Pre-University Course

PUC is an intermediate course which is of 2 years. In other words, PUC is plus-two (10+2) or could say pre degree course (PDU), which is conducted by state education boards or institutions in India. This course is established when grades and marks of secondary school leaving certificate (10th) is up to the mark which means pass. Secondary school leaving certificate is allotted after accomplishment of five years of primary school and five years of secondary school.

 If a person is fascinated in admission to an Indian university, then he/she must pass this course. Therefore, for a bachelor's degree a person needs 10 years of school, PUC and three, four or five years (depending on specific course) at University. Some of the colleges provide a pre university course which are called PU colleges or junior colleges in India.

Major streams in PUC

  1. PCB and one optional subject

·         PCB stands for- Physics, Chemistry and Biology

  • Commerce
  • Commerce has subjects like accounting, business, economics etc.

3.      Arts or humanity

·         ART OR HUMANITY have subjects like History, Political science, economics etc.

4.      PCM and one optional subject

·         PCM stands for- Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

Courses After PUC

·         Students who have completed the PUC in the commerce stream may apply for bachelor’s degree like bachelor of commerce (B.com) or bachelor of business administration (BBA) at an Indian university or any other professional course like Chartered accountant (CA) or Company secretary (CS).

·         Students who have completed the PUC in the science stream may apply for specialist degree courses like engineering, pharmacy, agriculture etc. even they can apply for professional courses like doctor. However, admission to these courses Based on the marks obtained in PUC exams.

·         Students who have completed the PU in art or humanity stream may apply for bachelor’s degrees like bachelor of arts (B.A), bachelor of social work (BSW) at an Indian university. Students can also do fashion designing or law.

Personal Unlock Code

Personal Unlock code also known as personal unlocking key (PUK). It is used when personal identification number (PIN) has been strayed in 3GPP mobile phones. PIN in mobile phones functions like a password averting other people to access the owner device. Whenever a user starts their device or turns on, then each time a mobile phone requests to enter a PIN which is a numeric code.

If PIN is entered wrong more than 3 times, the handset gets locked unless PUC is entered which is provided by the service operator, but only PIN code can be changed. If the wrong PIN is entered 10 times constantly, the mobile phone will get blocked permanently and new SIM card will be required.