Full Form of CCC

Full Form of CCC - Course on Computer Concepts

CCC is the short form of Course on Computer Concepts

National Electronics & Information Technology Institute functions, works as well as operates under the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt. India has been executing the CCC system for the common individuals.

CCC is a course that aims at providing, imparting mandatory as well as essential programming skills, concepts to the people so that they know how to use computers so that the majority of the people have the education or knowledge about computers. This course aims to enhance computer literacy amongst people.

An individual who successfully completes the course or the program can easily perform many functions or purposes on the computers like sending emails, reading the daily news, shopping online, paying the bills, typing and editing letters, and even using social media or connecting with people around the world and many more things that have become possible with the usage of computers.

CCC or Course on Computer Concepts has course duration of 80 hours and takes place almost every month of the year. Interestingly this course has no age limit, so any individual who wishes to join this can enroll and learn irrespective of age.

The applicants only need to fill the form online that is available on the NIELIT’s official portal or the website to get admitted to the CCC course.

Some essential points to remember;

  • Before submitting the application for the CCC course, make sure that you have entered or filled all the details accurately, as it would be nearly impossible to change or modify the details later.
  • It is important to note that the fees of the course is non-refundable, once paid, it won’t be refunded.
  • The mandatory requirement of the course is the completion of the 12th class; it is essential to successfully clear or pass the 12th class from a recognised board.

Sections of the Course

The entire course is of eighty hours, and these are divided into three sections. So, the three primary sections of the course are;

1. Fifty hours of the course comprise of the practical section

2. Five hours of the course comprise of the tutorial section

3. The remaining twenty-five hours of the course consist of the theory section.

The process of applying for the CCC course online

1. The candidate is required to open the portal of the CCC course and then click on the apply button under the selected CCC course.

2. Then the applicant should carefully apply for the course after reading the instructions and special attention should be paid that the details are accurately filled as changing the information can be difficult.

3. Finally, the candidate has to upload the signature and photograph before submitting the application for the course.

4. On successfully completing and submitting the form, the candidate receives a unique registration number and has to pay the fees online or offline to complete the entire procedure.


The charges for the examination are Rs.500 plus the taxes. The same can be paid by through NEFT, RTGS, or through online modes (Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking)

The process of applying for the examination online includes;

  • Generating ID and password for the examination using the registration details.
  • Then completing the profile and filling the examination form and then filling it, reviewing it for errors or mistakes.
  • Once the candidate is satisfied with the details, he or she can submit the form and pay the fees for the same.
  • Course on Computer Concepts is sponsored by the National Institute of the Electronics and Information Technology, DOEACC Society, which falls under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MOE and IT).

The applicants or students can appear for the examination of the CCC course through three main modules, and each mode has different criteria or eligibility;

1. The students that are essentially approved by the NIELT approved institutions can sit for the examination of the CCC course without any restrictions or mandatory qualifications or requirements.

2. The students who are sponsored by the government-affiliated school or college or institution having a distinctive or unique identification number from the NIELIT for pursuing CCC course can sit in the exam without any mandatory educational qualification.

3. The applicants that apply directly (that are not part of either of the two options mentioned above) as also eligible to sit in the exam of the CCC course without any educational qualification.

The training of the CCC course is essentially done by the institutions or educational places that are authorised by the NIELIT for pursuing the CCC course. Apart from this, there is also an option that students can directly apply for the course and study or learn it by themselves and then eventually appear in the CCC examination held by the NIELIT.

On successfully completing the course and passing the examination of the CCC course, the candidate is awarded with a certificate.