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Django vs NodeJS

Django and NodeJS are open-source frameworks used to develop web applications. Both Django and NodeJS are cross-platform and robust technology used for developing versatile web applications and mobile applications.


Django is an open-source high-level Python Web framework that follows MVT (Model View Template) architecture. It encourages rapid, clean, and pragmatic web development. It was written by Adrian Holovaty and Simon Wilson and is maintained by Django Software Foundation.

It helps web developers build real-time applications more quickly as Django works with python applications. Django applications focus on the reusability of the code. It provides common functionality like Admin Interface, default database, authentication, URL routing, an ORM(Object Relational mapper), a template engine, etc., that are needed for building web applications included with the framework instead of having separate libraries.

Thus, it is also called the "batteries-included" framework. When a website needs to handle many users and complex features like API connectivity, user authentication Django framework can be a good choice. Python is a prerequisite to work on Django. Django models are packed with more sophisticated features. Django framework has more than 10,000 Django packages like API, CMS (Content Management System), User Authentication, Validation, and CAPTCHA protection that cover almost everything a full-fledged web application needs.


  • Easy to learn
  • High-Security features
  • Rapid app development
  • Better performance with built-in templates
  • Cost-efficient


  • Only single-tiered applications can be built
  • Only works well for big apps
  • More understanding of the framework is needed


NodeJS is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment. It runs on V8 engine, which is an open-source JavaScript engine and executes JavaScript outside the browser. It was developed by Rayan Dahl and governed byNode.js Foundation, which later merged with JS Foundation to form OpenJS Foundation. The initial release was done on May 27, 2009. It is written in C, C++, JavaScript. It is usually used by developers who wish to create powerful APIs (Application Programming Interface). It works on an event-driven model. Node.js follows the "JavaScript Everywhere" principle, which unifies web development to use a single programming language for both front-end and back-end rather than different languages individually. The asynchronous I/O capabilities aim to optimize throughput and scalability with I/O operations.


  • Active and big community
  • A large number of libraries accessible
  • Simpler framework


  • Comparatively difficult to learn
  • Non-coordinated programming
  • Less development speed
  • Low execution
  • Less cost-efficient
  • Less secure

Difference Between Node.js and Django

Build an application in limited time frameBuild string APIs
Follows MVT modelRuntime environment
Handling DataEvent-driven Model
PythonC, C++, JavaScript
Little ComplexLess Complex
Less FlexibilityMore Flexibility
Less ScalableMore Scalable
Most Popular Python frameworkMost popular JavaScript framework
More built-in security featuresFewer Security features
Faster Development SpeedSlower Development Speed
More EfficientLess Efficient
Small CommunityHuge Community
Full-Stack development not offeredFull-Stack development as both front-end and back-end can be created
Easy to learnComparatively difficult to learn
More templatesLesser templates
High PerformanceLess Performance
More Cost-EffectiveLess Cost-Effective
Instagram, Mozilla, PBSLinkedIn, Microsoft, AWS, PayPal

Architectural Comparision

Django vs NodeJSDjango vs NodeJS