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Python Project Ideas Based On Django


If you have learned Python and you are an expert in Django, then your practical skills should be excellent in this field. If you want to check your practical skills, then you should work on some projects which help you in exploring your skillset and also helps in testing your skills. 

Projects are evidence of the level of your skills in a specific technology. 

If you are interested in Django, then this article will help you for choosing the projects based on Django, which can be helpful for you in exploring your practical skills in this field. If you work more on projects, then you gain more knowledge about the technology, and you will be skillful in your domain.

About Django

It is a high-level Python web framework and promotes speedy development and expressive design of web applications. 

It is software that promotes the effort of building dynamic websites. Django practices security seriously and helps developers to avoid many basic security mistakes, such as SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, etc. Its user authentication system gives a secure method to control user accounts and passwords.

some popular sites that use Django are included Instagram, Mozilla, bitbucket, PBS, Disqus, NASA, Pinterest. 

Django was founded in 2003 by Simon Willison and Adrian Holovaty when they were at the Lawrence Journal-World newspaper and started using python to develop web applications.

In July 2005 under the BSD license, it was announced and was also titled after the guitarist Django Reinhardt. 

To support Django, Django Software Foundation (DSF) was established in the year 2008.

Django Project ideas

To build any project in Django, you should have basic knowledge of the Django platform. If you are new to Django then you should start with basic projects that help you to explore the working of the MTV(Model-Template-View) architecture of Django. As we know that Django is a full-stack web framework, we can build advanced level projects with Django by using some popular front-end technologies, Angular, APIs, and Libraries if we know about them.

List of some Django project ideas for beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

  • Creating a Blog using Django

This project is best suitable for Beginners in Django. A full blog website can be built from scratch by using the Django framework in Python.

On a blog website, we can perform multiple operations on articles such as creating articles, updating articles, editing them, and also deleting any article. All the articles are displayed on the homepage and an individual article contains their page when the user clicks on the article they will be redirected to another page where they can read more about the article. We can do all this by learning the basics of Python and some front-end technologies such as HTML and CSS.

There is no need for designing the admin interface because the built-in features of Django provide users to use the Django admin interface for that purpose.

  • Email Sender

We can build an email Automator in Django. An email Automator can send emails to a particular group of receivers automatically. This project is very simple. It has the option of modifying the email messages and select the specific receivers from the list.

  • To-Do App with Django

To-Do App is a simple application. It offers only (CRUD) Create-Retrieve-Update-Delete operations. This application only contains four options create, update, read, and delete tasks. We have to work on these options for building this application.

The backend of this application is easy to understand, and the logic of this application can be written in nearly 20 to 30 lines of code.

We can add more features to this application and make it more interactive by using front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and the flask framework can also be helpful in building this application because this very small project.

  • Weather App with Django

If we want to know about the weather condition in the local area or in any specific area around the world then this application can be very useful for displaying the weather conditions. This project can be built with the help of some APIs(Application Programming Interface). It provides us tools for building software, communication protocols, and much more. We can add features to this application like selecting the locations for checking weather status. 

If we don't have the equipment for calculating the weather status then it can be done by using some open-source weather APIs. We can receive real-time data and can connect it with our web application. An understanding of the REST APIs and web-scrapping is required for this project.

  • Text-to-HTML Converter

Text to HTML converter building is a simple and quick project. This application can be able to convert the picked text into HTML code. We can develop this tool very easily. This tool can be used for the fast development and documentation of other projects.

  • School Management System with Django

The management systems are interesting projects, and the school management system is one of them. In the management systems, the database schema is created. The ORM feature in Django makes it easier, and an optimized schema can be built quickly by using Django ORM.

You should have a good knowledge of the database for making a school management system project in Django. This can be a multi-user application in which the students, staff members, and teachers can register themselves and using it with logging in into their accounts.

Django can be used for building any kind of management project, like hospital management system, hotel management system, library management system, customer management system..

  • Login System

The login system is common and very popular in the development field. The login system is used in many applications and other types of the commercial web. 

This project is best suited for beginners who are willing to test their practical skills. We can build a login system by taking the major template of the login system and apply some modifications to the template then we can use it for developing the login system of the web application.

The login system with Django helps you in sharpening your development skills and you can also learn the working of the login systems.

  • Chat Application

The main purpose of the chat applications is to provide the ability to the user for chatting in real-time. Chat applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, and FB messenger are very popular chat applications all over the world. Building these types of chat applications can surely make you an advanced developer. Creating a chat application in Django is very simple to a Django beginner. You just need to have full knowledge of Django working and also databases. We can implement a chat feature between the users by using the built-in Django user models and databases. The database stores the chat messages, and a chat window can be created by using some logic where the messages between the users can be shown. You can also add the feature of voice messages and also make the interface more exciting with Django.

  • Poll App using Django

Poll applications are very famous right now. As you all know, the most popular applications like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook have poll options in which the user can generate a poll, and other users can give them a vote.

We have to build a multi-user application where the user can create and vote for the polls after logging in to their account. You have to ensure that only a single vote should have done by a single account for a particular survey. This application can be developed by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or Bootstrap, and Semantic UI(front-end web framework).

  •   Dictionary Application

This is a very interesting project idea for beginners, and it is very useful for the new learners to show their skills. There is a variety of APIs on the internet that we can use for creating the web application that performs as a dictionary. It performs the operations simply as the user enters a word in the app, and the app responds to the user and shows the meaning of that word. We can also add synonyms and antonyms to the app which makes the application more enhanced and advanced.

  •   Resume App with Django

Resume making is a time taking-task and most people face difficulties in making their resume. Some people simply do copying and pasting of resumes. So, we can build a resume application to make the resume-making process easier for the students and also for professionals. In this Django application, the user has to enter their details like qualifications, interests, and experience, then the application will generate resumes for them. We can also add resume templates in the application by which users can select the templates based on their interests. By adding front-end technologies, we can make it more enhanced, and attractive. This application can allow users to select the format of the resume like in PDF or in WORD format.

  •   Quiz Application

In the Quiz application, the users have to select the right options from the given options. Quiz applications can help us to enhance our knowledge base with fun. A quiz app should be user-friendly with some interesting features. We can design a quiz app using Django with some great features like a hint system, half-selection(50-50), timers, and so on. 

You need to ensure that the users can be able to personalize the quiz app based on their interests like customizing the question sections, adding the players in the game, and challenging the other players. Also, this app must include multiple questions and a scoreboard of the score of players after the quiz ended. So, this can make your application more attractive and configurable. You can also add more features to it if you want.

  •   Interactive Maps

 As you already used Google Maps for navigation. We can also create an interactive map with the use of Django. We can add the latest features like animations and other extra features to the interactive Map using Django. You should ensure that the graphics of the map should be enchanting and attractive, and they can change according to the different locations. So with these parameters, you can build an interactive Map using Django.

  •   E-Commerce Application with Django

The E-Commerce app is quite famous nowadays and there are many apps with great interfaces. It can be easily developed using Django. There are many products displayed on the E-commerce application. You should ensure one thing while developing the E-commerce app that the app should be interactive to the users when they click on any product it redirects the users to the product page. 

You should have the core knowledge of the technology for developing the application because you have to work with lots of data while developing these types of applications, and also you can add any way of the transaction to the application by which users can buy the products online.

  •   Social Media Website in Django

Django and Python are very popular for the development of social media applications. There are many applications built using Python and Django like Instagram, Pinterest, Dropbox, etc. These all are made up of Python and Django.

If you want to create any social media application then you can do some similar projects which can be helpful in enhancing your key skills and can improve your knowledge. Maybe your application becomes famous one day like Instagram and Facebook. For making these types of applications you should have advanced knowledge of Python and Django functionalities.

  •   Notes Application

Many users want to store their notes for their required needs. A Notes application can be created by using Django which provides users an interface for creating notes, editing the notes, and saving notes. If you are an intermediate this application is very easy for you, and it is the best suitable for your portfolio to show up your skills. You can add multiple features to the application like inserting pictures or options for modifying the notes later.


In this article, we have seen different project ideas based on Django in Python. As mentioned above, there are different types of projects which can be useful for you to test your practical skills and enhance your skill set.