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Latest Project Ideas using Python 2022

Python is one of the well-known languages for programming in the contemporary domain of computer science. The demand to adopt Python for IT purposes is steadily increasing because of its easy-to-learn design and its utility in developing diverse tech-related applications. The programming language capabilities have proved to be a trend that will continue in 2022, and experts have predicted that this trend will continue and even beyond. Numerous programming and tech professionals are exploring different methods to make it into the tech sector using Python capabilities to their fullest potential through volunteer programs, projects, and internships. The project-based learning system will aid professionals, particularly novices, to gain knowledge of the latest developments in technology and adapt to these changes. Here, we've presented the top Python projects that novices or beginners could try in 2022.

Details of Mobile Number using Python: -

In this project, we can find out all the details of a mobile number using Python. Like we can find the phone number or mobile number belongs to which country, who is the carrier of the mobile number means it belongs to which sim card, its time zone like it belongs to which region. For this project, we first need to install Python's library, "phone number," using the command prompt.

QR Code Generator Using Python: -

QR (Quick Response) Code are 2D Barcodes. QR codes can be generated for our personal social account, website's URL, email address, mobile number, or anything that stores data in a small space. For generating our own QR code using Python, we first need to install one module named "QRcode" using the pip command, and then we can generate our QR code.

Typing Speed Calculator Using Python: -

We can calculate the typing speed by developing this project. The typing speed is calculated in words per minute. For doing so, we will require one python module named "time". The time module will help you calculate the time after we start typing until we end the typing.

Website Blocker Using Python: -

The project will block some websites on our system for a particular time, and also, we can use this project to block the harmful website. We can also do this same task manually, but in the new era of automation, we want everything to be done on its own, so for that purpose, we have Python, and by writing python script, we can do so.

Stone Paper Scissor: -

 In school time, we all were fond of playing games, and this game can be played anywhere. All we need is one of our friends ready to play. If one friend used their hand to make the action of stone, the other made its scissors. So, the friend with the stone takes 1 point, and the same process continues. We require a built-in function called randint() to generate random integer values within a given range. This can be created using a simple command-line without using any external python library.

Internet Speed Check Using Python: -

Using this project, we can check our system’s internet speed, which means we can check the downloading and uploading speed by clicking on a button. For developing this project, we require the Tkinter module, which will create GUI (Graphical User Interface), and we will also require another module name speed test.

YouTube Video Downloader: -                 

With the help of this project, we can download any videos and playlists on our system from you tube for free. For developing this project, we need one module to be installed named "pytube" using the pip command. We can develop this project in GUI where we can provide any random URL in the input textbook, and on a button click, we can download a video or provide the URL of the video in the code itself.

Text Conversion to Handwriting Using Python: -

 In this project, we can convert a text written file into a handwriting file using Python. We need a python module called "pywhatkit" to be installed, and then we can use it.

Desktop Notification Using Python: -

The notification we get on our system on the right side after clicking on the message symbol icon is the same. We can generate it using Python. The notification can be online or offline means online notification which we get from the internet while doing some tasks, and offline notification means we generate some text message to be displayed on performing some tasks. We will require a time module and plyer module to be installed on our system using the help of pip in command prompt.

Digi Clock Using Python: -

 In this project, we will create a digital clock using Python with GUI. This digital clock will show the time in hour minute seconds format after that AM/PM, then we can also display the date, month, year, and the day in blocks. It will be a running clock which means it will work continuously. We will require the Tkinter module as we are building in GUI. The time zone display will require a datetime module.

Email Slicer Using Python: -

The Email Slicer is a beginner-level and small project in which we will help beginners develop their skills and hands-on the string functions. The email slicer is a mini project which will separate the username and domain name of an email address. The separation of the username and domain name can be done based on the index position of’ @ ‘. This project will use the strip function of python, which will remove the white space if any is present.

Encoding and Decoding of Message using Python: -

Encoding and decoding the message provides security to our information. This security can be achieved by encoding and decoding the message using the same key. In Python, we can achieve this by using the base64 library, and for GUI purposes, Tkinter can be used. The base64 library has an inbuilt function of encoding and decoding the binary data to ASCII characters and vice versa. First, install both the library using the pip command. Then, be ready to go for developing the project.

Memory Sharpen Puzzle Game Using Python: -

Memory Sharpen Puzzle Game is the best game for brain exercise and improving concentration power. The game can be developed on three levels: easy, medium, and hard. For developing this game, only the Tkinter library is required, and some basic knowledge of Python. At the start of the game, all the shapes are hidden under the tiles. The player needs to click on the tiles to see the shape inside that tile, and when the two similar tiles are uncovered, the score increases. To complete this game, the player needs to uncover all the pairs of similar shapes. The screen will display the number of moves required to solve the game at the end of the game.

Keyboard Coordination Game in Python: -

Keyboard Coordination Game is a game that helps improve the typing speed of players. To play this game, the player has to press the same key of letters displayed on the screen, and if the player makes a mistake while doing so, the game gets over. This game can be developed using python libraries like pygame, random, and time modules.

Ads Free Music Player using Python: -

We all love to listen to music, but nowadays, the music players come with different ads disturbance, and if we want to listen to music ad-free, we need to subscribe to it by paying some money. But using Python, we can create our music player that ads free. We require knowledge of basic python concepts, Tkinter for GUI, and some additional libraries like pygame, which we will use for play, pause, stop and resume music, and the OS module to access the song folder.

An Anagram Game in Python: -

 An Anagram of a word is formed by rearranging another word or letter. Examples of an anagram are FRIED and FIRED. Both words have different meanings but are formed by shuffling the same letters. The user will be given a fixed number of attempts to guess the correct word. We will develop the same game using Python. We require to install some packages that are inbuilt in Python, like json (JavaScript Object Notation) is a file format that stores data in key-value pairs, same as a dictionary in Python, and another one is a random package that is used for generating some random choice, shuffling a list among others.

Horoscope Reading using Python: -

In this project, the user needs first to input the user’s zodiac sign or star sign, also called an astrological sign, from our zodiac sign list, and then depending on the need of the project. We can either display today’s horoscope, tomorrow’s horoscope, or yesterday’s horoscope. And depending on the input from the user horoscope will be displayed. Now we can do the horoscope project can do this project with many different techniques. One of them is by using the requests package and bs4 from BeautifulSoup.

Bitcoin Price Notifier using Python: -

Bitcoin price is the capricious or changeable thing that we keep an eye on. But every time, it's not possible for us to check the various websites for the latest updates. So, we can develop a bitcoin price notifier app using python, which will send us a notification whenever there is some price fall or rise under certain edges.