Strictfp is used to impose limits on floating-point calculation. It ensures that we will get the same result on every platform while performing an operation with the floating-point variable.

The floating-point calculation is platform-dependent due to which the output may differ from platform to platform when a class file runs on different processors. That is why Java provides a Scriptfp keyword to resolve this issue.

Points to remember:

  • “Scriptfp” modifier is used only with interfaces, classes, and methods.
  • All methods of class/interface, as well as all nested methods declared, are implicitly scriptfp if class/interface is declared with scriptfp modifier.
  • It can be used with abstract classes or interface but not with abstract methods.
  • We cannot use sciptfp with any method inside an interface because all the methods inside an interface are implicitly abstract.

Let’s understand the scriptfp modifier with a simple example.

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