Menu Driven Program in Java

The menu-driven program in Java is a program that displays a menu and then takes input from the user to choose an option from the displayed menu. The output is given by the program based on the option selected by the user. This type of program interacts a lot with the user, and hence, it is user-friendly.

The following menu-driven Java program calculates the area of the various geometrical figures, using Java switch-case, on the basis of choice given by the user.

Area of different Geometrical Shapes



Output 1:

Output 2:

Output 3:

Explanation: In the above program, we have used a Java while loop whose condition statement always evaluates to true. In the loop, we are displaying the menu and reading the choice entered by the user. As per the user’s choice, we are calculating the area of the geometric shapes on the basis of its dimensions (which is also entered by the user). Since we are using the while loop whose condition always evaluates to true hence, labelling of the loop is done to force the loop termination once the user enters the number 7. In the 7th case block, we are using the break statement to exit not only from the switch-case block but also from the while loop using its loop label lp.

Note: To reduce the complexity of the above program, it is assumed that the user will only enter numeric values. In order to give liberty to the user to enter anything as per his/her choice, it is advisable to use try-catch blocks so that an appropriate message is displayed when the program receives any absurd input from the user.

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