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Python Project Ideas for Beginners

Python project ideas for beginners

Advanced Python is an amazing platform to grow and achieve success as a developer in the future. Python is a programming language that can be very easy in many cases to complete the task efficiently and quickly. As a result, most of the IT industries use Python. So, if developers want to gain success in Python, it is very important to work on real-time Python projects using Advanced Features of Python Language.     

In this article, we will discuss many good Python project ideas for the advanced level so that developers can learn Python by practically implementing their knowledge.  

Python Project Ideas:      

1. Memory Puzzle Game

Memory Puzzle Game is a great game to improve concentration skills and memory. At the starting of the game, the pictures on the tiles are displayed for a moment, and then they are covered.     

The player clicks on the tile one by one to open the covered tiles, and when two same picture tiles are opened, the points get increased. This way, the player has to open all the pairs of picture Tiles.               

2. Slide Puzzle Game

In this puzzle game, we have to slide the block tiles one by one to set all the block tiles in the right place and position.  

In the whole grid, only one space is left empty, so while developing this Puzzle game, the developer should make sure that the tile only moves in the empty areas.       

3. Python Command-Line Application

Python is good for Developing command-line applications. Developers can create a good Command-line interface where developers can send emails to other people.     

In this application, the system will ask the user for the details and data it has to send, and the system can send the data using the command line.   

4. Library Management System with Python

The main motive of this management system project of Python is to create a real-time Library project of Python.     

This Library Management System Project provides functionalities like add new books and magazines, provided details about issued books and the returned books, user can view books currently available in the library, and user can delete the books, etc.     

5. Ludo Game using Python

We all might have played the game of Ludo earlier too, which is a way of digitalizing that beautiful game. Ludo is a strategy-based game, which can be played between two to four players. Every player has four tokens in this game, which he requires to circulate in the defined path by rolling the dice.     

The other players can create a hurdle when they come in the same spot, and We have to begin the circulation of our particular token again. The one who completes the circulation of all his four tokens first will be the winner.

6. Pinball Game using Python Programming Language

Pinball is a game that is a very interesting obstacle game of all time. It has a covered passageway with arches on both sides.     

It will be really fun to develop a Pinball game with Python programming language using its pygame library and adding new hurdles. For this project, developer would need some physics concepts to sum up the ball's pinball game's projection.    

7. Steganography using Python programming language

Steganography is the method of encrypting a message in another form so that no one can doubt the existence of this hidden message.    

For example, if a message is encrypted into an image or video. The project will be useful to encrypt or hide the messages inside an image.     

8. Content Aggregator using Python

This project of Python is very interesting. There are lots of information and articles about every possible topic on the internet platform. Finding good relevant, and appropriate content is very hard. Hence, a content aggregator system will automatically searchers the most popular websites, inspect all the articles and information for the relevant and appropriate content, and generate a list for the user to browse the content. The user can select from the generated content list they want to look at or not.   

9. Bulk File Rename or Image Resize Application using Python Language

Machine learning tasks also include preprocessing of the dataset. To resize the image and rename the files in bulk, software that can automatically handle these tasks will be very useful for Machine learning and artificial intelligence practitioners.   

10. Magic Eight (8) Ball Game using Python

The Magic Eight (8) Ball game is the twist of fate-telling ball used to select a yes or no interrogation. Develop random 20 comeback responses out of which ten are favorable, five non-confinement, and five rejecting sentences. The player has to click on the start button visible on the screen, and it will show a random output response from those 20 comeback responses on the screen.   

11. Target Practice Game using Python

In this era, many shooting games are on the top in the gaming companies. Those games need an extreme level of focus capabilities by shooting at the exact position as soon as possible. Developer can develop this game so that players can practice their shooting capacity.   

12. Alarm Clock with Graphic User Interface using Python

This project aims to develop an alarm clock using Python with a Graphic User Interface (GUI). Python Language consists of very applicable libraries such as Tkinter and DateTime, which help developers develop this project using the current date and time. Developers can also import a User Interface with the help of GUI to set the alarm according to the requirement of the user in 24-hours format.  

13. Binary Search Algorithm using Python Programming

The binary search algorithm project using Python programming is a very practical way to search for any element like words or characters in a long list. The idea is to develop an algorithm that searches for any element like words or special characters in a list.  

14. Desktop Notification App using Python Programming language

The desktop notification app runs on the user's system and will give the user notifications after every fixed interval of time. The developer can use the libraries like requests, notify2, etc., To develop this project application.  

15. Flying Bird game

The developers of the Flying Bird game have made a lot of money from very simple game development. It was a straightforward game but very hard to play, which made the players frustrated, and that's how it became very famous among the players.   

Different versions of this game have been developed, and other Developers are still trying to introduce different hurdles and obstacles in this type of game using Python Language.  

These Flying Bird game rules are very simple: a bird has to avoid all the barriers and hurdles on its way while flying.  

16. Random Password Generator using Python Language

Generating a strong password is a very tough task; choosing perfect characters and symbols. So here, Developers can develop an application to create strong passwords instantly that contain the perfect number of alphabets, characters, digits, and symbols. 

The application also gives the user an option to copy the password and paste it after its development.  

17. Currency Converter using Python

This project is very easy and yet very efficient. Many big companies have to deal internationally and have to work with different currencies converting softwares. By developing the currency converter software and Python libraries like Tkinter API, developer work will be too easy.  

18. Fruit Ninja Game using Python

The game fruit ninja is famous among kids. Basically, in this game, the fruit is tossed in the air, and the player has to cut the tossed fruit by clicking on the fruit. Players must cut all the fruit because there would be a rule that if the player misses three fruits, the game will be over. Bombs will also be tossed with the fruits as hurdles on-screen occasionally, and cutting them also ends the game.  

The developers can develop this game using Python Language libraries like Pygame and introduce the animation of slicing the fruit in the game to make it look more real and interesting.  

19. Music player using Python

We all enjoy listening to musing, and wouldn't it be fun developing Musing Application with the help of Python and its libraries. This application will have the feature of searching for the files in different directories of the computer system. The developer can also build an Interactive Interface, which might be a challenging task, but would be best for advanced Python programmers. 


This article discussed more than 15 Python projects for the advanced developer of Python programming language like Management System, Renaming and resizing, content aggregate, currency converter, alarm clock, password generator, Push notification application, search algorithm, and different digital games, etc.