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Uses of Computer

What is the use of computer in our daily life?

10 uses of Computer in Different Fields

1. Education

The computer is playing a key role in modern education. In these days, Students are preferred to study online, with the help of the internet and computer. Getting the right kind of information is the challenge in this busy world. The computer can fulfill this requirement through a broad network. There are various fields in education in which the computer is used which are given below:

  • The computer is used in distance education:

 People have their busy schedule these days so, mostly they preferred distance education. The computer provides presentation information to those students who are not able to take the classes regularly. The presentation and animation software like powerpoint and flash are helpful to the teachers to deliver the notes in distance education.

  • The computer is used for the storage of educational data:

 The computer can store the data in the electronic format. The paper saving level is increased due to computer memory because we can store a large amount of content in it.  The computer system is beneficial for both teacher and student. Teachers can save and transfer the notes and presentation quickly via computer storage devices similarly; the student can submit homework and assignments as a soft copy.

2. Research

       A computer is a necessary tool for research. It plays an essential role in every field of scientific research.  Different types of programs and applications make it easy for our way of computing. There are some necessary applications used in scientific research that are data storage, data analysis, scientific simulations, instrumentation control, knowledge sharing, etc. There are five major phases in research where the computer can use:

  1. Conceptual Phase.
  2. Design and planning phase.
  3. Data Collection phase.
  4. Data analysis phase.
  5. Research publication phase.

There are many reasons to use the computer in scientific research; speed, accuracy, consistency, way of organizing the data.

3. Business

The use of computer in business is increasing productivity and competitiveness. It is beneficial in distribution, marketing, banking, team management, business automation, less time with high quality in the business.  The computer help in business to manage, calculate, arrange, and visualize the customer data. We can create websites by the computer for business.

4. Defense

 The computer plays a crucial role in defense.  There are many uses of computer in defense:

  • The military is using the computers for the communication between two soldiers and also used for Battle management systems.
  • The computer can be used in tanks, planes, and ships to target enemy forces.
  • We can track the Incoming missiles to destroy them, with the help of a computer.
  • Computers are used to hold the documents, maintenance record, and record of events.
  • The computer also helps the military to keep save their secrecy and organize the files. We can access every folder easily. 
  • In the training period, the computer helps to communicate with the team in distant places.

5. Biometric System

      The biometric is the method to identify or verify based on the principal of measurable. The biometric technique can be divided into two categories:

  • Device-based on psychological characteristics of a person (such as a fingerprint).
  • Devices based on behavioral characteristics (such as a signature).                                                                                       
Biometric System

      There are some applications of biometrics, which are given below:

  • Biometric attendance system, which is used to control employee time.
  • Biometric locks systems provide security to the homeowners.
  • Wireless biometrics provides high security and safe transaction from wireless devices like PDA’s etc.
  • The biometric systems also provide secure access to PCs and support single login facility.
  • The application of biometrics technology is used to identify DNA pattern for identifying criminals etc.

6. Artificial intelligence

 The artificial intelligence is the vast field of computer science. The primary purpose of artificial intelligence is to develop machines similar to human beings. There are various techniques of AI used to solve complex problems such as neural networks, expert system, etc.  The expert system is a set of programs. It has explanation module, input/output interface, editor, inference engine, knowledge base, case history file, etc. Different types of expert systems are available:

  1. Dendral

The Dendral is the famous expert system which is used to study a large amount of data and discovery in science.

  • Mycin

The mycin is a backward chaining expert system.  It uses artificial intelligence to identify the bacteria causing various infections such as bacteremia and meningitis etc.

  • Puff

It is a diagnostic expert system for the interpretation of pulmonary function data. 

7. Medical

The computer is used in medical science. It helps the surgeons to create the operations successfully.  Computers are beneficial to hospitals; they can hold the patient’s information in an organized way. The computer allows people to store medical history, the current health status of their families, and more can be easily accessed and lookup within a few seconds.

8. Embedded system

 The embedded systems are used to control, monitor, or help the operation of equipment; it has embedded software into hardware.  These systems are used for processing a fixed set of pre-programmed instructions to control the equipment. The embedded systems interact with the external world through sensors and actuators. These systems are also found in cell phones, digital cameras, portable video games, calculators, personal digital assistants, microwave ovens, home security systems, washing machines, etc.

Embedded system

There are some characteristics of embedded systems which are given below:

  1. These systems are application specific systems.
  2. The embedded systems have minimal or no user interface.
  3. These systems are efficient, save our time and cost.
  4. Embedded systems perform real-time operations, and they are designed in such a manner to meet real-time constraints.
  5. They are also known as reactive systems, and they have a continual reaction with the environment.

9. Banks

The computer is widely used in the banking field, for record keeping and maintaining accounts of customers. Mostly every bank provides the ATM facility; the customers can be credited and debited their account at any place in 24 hours with the help of their ATM card. 

10. Use of computer in simulation

The computer simulation shows the behavior of the system. The computer simulation is used in mathematics systems.  It can serve design, creation, and evaluation of complex systems, etc. There are various fields in which simulation is used:

  • The computer simulation is used when we provide the training to pilot candidates.
  • It is used to test the safety mechanism in the new vehicle model.
  • There are some robot simulators which are used to design various robots and Robot control algorithms.
  • The Dynamic pattern of urban development that is simulated with the help of urban simulation model.
Use of computer in simulation