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What is a Program

A program can be defined as an application used to perform a specific function. It constitutes stepwise instructions to perform a dedicated task. Multiple programs working together can form a computer application.

Distinguish Between a Computer Application and a Computer Program

ConsistsIt can constitute multiple programs.It constitutes stepwise instructions.
ObjectiveThe objective is to help the end-user to perform a specific task.They are designed to perform certain tasks that help achieve the end purpose.
DependencyIt is not possible to create an application without building programs.The programs can exist independently.
ScopeIt has a wider scope.It has limited scope.

History of the Program

The first time a program was implemented by Tim Kilburn. The purpose of the program was to hold the memory and was first executed at the University of Manchester. The program allowed you to calculate the greatest factor of the integer. This was first installed on the SEM.

Purpose of Program

Programs are designed to serve a specific purpose. The programs are built while keeping the problem statement, and the program provides a solution to that problem. It performs specific functions. Without the programs, the system in itself is useless as it won’t be able to perform any task. 

For example, Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation is a program that allows you to make presentations on your system. Once installed in your system, you can create new presentations, modify the existing presentations, and save them with the help of using this program. 

Functions of a Computer Program

There are several types of programs; different types of programs perform different functions. Each program is differently designed to perform a specific task. It is a pre-requisite of a program to perform a function. For Example, Microsoft Access Database enables the user to create and manage databases. Using MS Access Database, you can design a database and perform CRUD operations. The function of a payment application is to provide a gateway to perform transactions. You cannot expect to perform transactions from a Microsoft Access Database program or build and manage a database using a payment application.

Different Types of Computer Program

Nowadays, our computers, mobile phones, and tablets are filled with numerous applications. These programs help us to perform day-to-day tasks. Below are various types of programs installed on your devices and their category and function performed. 

PaytmPayment ApplicationPaytm is an Indian multinational payment application that allows users to perform digital payments. It was founded in August 2010. It provides financial assistance to the user. The user can recharge and perform secure payments using this application.
ZomatoFood Delivery ApplicationZomato is an Indian multinational food delivery company. The customer can order food from various food outlets using this application. It is a restaurant aggregator founded in 2008.
NetflixOTT platformNetflix was founded in August 1997. It provides the viewers with a wide range of movies and television shows to watch from. The user needs to purchase a subscription to avail of the services. Its services can be accessed by the citizens of over 190 countries, and it also provides regional entertainment shows. It has over 200 million users worldwide.
Microsoft EdgeInternet BrowserMicrosoft Edge was introduced in Windows 10 that is preinstalled with the operating system. It is a part of the office 365 package suit. It replaced Internet Explorer. It allows the user to browse the internet.
PythonProgramming LanguagePython is a user-friendly programming language. It enables the user to create software. This is a user-friendly language that can be used to create web applications and automate certain tasks. The user can also handle data and can perform visualization using it. 
WhatsApp MessengerChatWhatsApp allows the user to communicate with other users in any world. It ensures simple, fast, and secure messages among the users. There are over   2 billion active accounts that are availing of the services of this free software. Any person can contact you if you both have this application installed on your devices and know each other’s phone numbers.
CanvaPhoto EditorThis program allows the user to create or modify any visual content such as GIFs, images or posters, banners, etc. This program supports all images such as JPEG, GIF, HEIF, etc. The user can create a template of his own or can edit an existing template. It offers a wide range of template options to choose from and various sizes.
Microsoft WordWord processorThis comes preinstalled in Windows OS. It can be operated in Linux and Mac systems. This program allows the user to create word documents, and the user can modify, create and save the changes in the document. You can create documents such as newsletters, resumes, or even magazines using this single software.
Microsoft PowerPoint PresentationPresentationsMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation is a program that allows the user to design presentations on your system. It is used to create new presentations, edit the existing presentations, and save them using this program. It is used to create presentations for schools, colleges, and offices. It was introduced along with MS Excel and MS word.
GmailEmail ClientIt is a free service provided by Google. This program allows the user to exchange emails with each other. The user can compose new mails and manage the received and sent emails. It allows the user to send attachments along with the email. Any user who has a connection to the internet and a valid Gmail account can use this service.
VLCMedia PlayerIt is free software that allows users to play various media files on the system. It is open-source software that enables the user to play the files and stream them. It was first released in 2001.